Easter-Which came first-the rabbit or the egg?

Apr 2011

I was wondering today about the symbols of the Easter bunny and Easter egg.  Where did they come from?  There is much debate about the actual origin and it’s pre-Christian status, but one thing everyone seems to agree on is the fact that the “hare” was a symbol of fertility because of its multiple births and the “eggs” an Ancient Roman symbol of the seeds of life.  I’m nodding my head as I’m researching and {insert light bulb going off} Only thing is rabbits don’t lay eggs???….so somewhere along the line the symbols came together. Medieval Europeans gave decorated eggs as gifts and dyed them for spring festivals-perhaps the hare/bunny started delivering them.  Mix in  springtime celebration, Easter, new life,  and a tradition is born. It’s all very curious.  With that being said, here are some treats for the holiday.

From Top Left: 1. Recycled shredded paper nests with DIY instructions from Country Living Magazine.  {Photo by Dana Gallagher}. 2. Dancing Deer Bakery Easter Treats using all natural ingredients w/o artificial preservatives.  3. The Egg is Back! Eggs by 3 Star Michelin Chef Michel Roux gives the reader every aspect of the egg from characteristics to chemistry.  4. Award winning milliner Marie Galvin constructs innovative hats and headpieces.  Shop her funky South End atelier- Galvinized Hats  to find the perfect Easter bonnet.