Earth Day-Do Something Reel {take 2}

Apr 2011

Happy Birthday Mother Earth!!  The Do Something Reel Film Festival features 6 different topics all focused on improving conditions on the planet.  I am a firm believer in You are what you eat and Planeat examines our love affair with meat and Dairy.  This visually stunning film follows a group of leaders in science, medicine and education who have spent their lives trying to discover the best way to eat.  They are joined by farmers and chefs from around the world with pioneering ideas about how to produce and prepare the food we consume.  Film maker Shelly Lee Davis and co-director Or Shlomi illustrate the environmental benefits of eating a more plant based diet.  “Nothing changes the planet as much as the way we eat.” Trailer from on Vimeo.

Now showing in Brookline @ the Coolidge Corner Theatre on April 25th @ 7:30pm.  For other showings check here.