Earth Day-Do Something Reel {take 1}

Apr 2011

Earth Day is starting to feel like a marketing tool with everyone jumping on the bandwagon to cash in.  Awareness is always good, so let’s look on the bright side and appreciate the fact that at least people are talking; any kind of conversation about protecting the environment is a good thing!  Take advantage of Whole Foods partnering with The Do Something Reel Film Festival to showcase 6 provocative, character driven films about individuals with a passion for making an impact.

The travelling collection of films is in Brookline at the Coolidge Corner Theatre and you can find all the films listed hereBagit, by Susan Beraza,  is an entertaining, eye opening journey of everyman Jeb Berrier who travels the road to find out about America’s consumption of all things plastic.

Bag It Trailer from Film Sprout on Vimeo.

Tonight there is a special Q&A webcast with the filmmaker and Joe Berrier,  which can be accessed from their web site  at 9:15 pm. The film is also showing on National Public Television this month and in Brookline, MA. @ Coolidge Corner on April 26th @ 7:30 pm.