Earth Day and the Movie Trashed

Apr 2013
Smell leaves such an impression on you.  Whether positive or negative, I find an image and memory almost immediately is triggered in my mind. The first time I walked off the plane in the Philippines more than 25 years ago, the smell of burning trash assaulted me the moment I stepped outside. With so much of the planet struggling to deal with the trash we are producing-especially in our great oceans, I thought Earth Day is a perfect time to make a commitment to see the movie Trashed and learn more about what we are doing to our own environment.

TRASHED trailer (2012) – Environmental documentary with Jeremy Irons from Trashed Film on Vimeo.

Landfills are the largest source of deadly methane gas in the United States.  The plastic diet we are on is only just beginning to show the consequences.  Make a decision today to do one thing to reduce your plastic intake.  Whether it be taking a reusable water bottle with you every day, bringing your own container for the am latte or evening takeout, or market bags when you shop.  Each small step makes a difference and can add up to big changes.

Happy Birthday Mother Earth!