Early Signs of Spring

Mar 2012

Have you noticed the flurry of activities taking place in our gardens? It’s the earliest I’ve ever seen buds poking their way thru the leftover leaves from fall.

An email arrived today from Practically Green, and along with some terrific ideas for greening your garden, it informed me that a new national map of plant hardiness zones has been issued. Our spot in New England is now a warmer 6A/6B. This is the first update from the Department of Agriculture the map has seen in 22 years! Another sign of global warming? The most worrisome part is that we’ll get a cold snap, and all these buds, swelling with anticipation, will be lost. In addition, if the flowers come early, we have to hope that the pollinators will follow, or we won’t get the fruit production. It’s a complicated process, one that Mother Nature has worked hard to perfect, and I’m afraid that this is just one more indication of the damage we are doing to the system.

Are you seeing signs of unusual seasonal changes in your area of the world? Share them in the comments below.