Discomania & The Virtual Blogger Party

Jan 2012

Have you ever been to a Virtual Blogger Party ? Well, me neither.  Holly Becker from the fabulous blog Decor8 is the host along with Steffi Luxat from Ohhmhh . And if you hurry, you can still join in at #discomania.

Holly has a thing for disco balls and it was so appropriate and festive that she chose discomania for the theme. Gather friends with sparkles and sequins, throw in some glitter and you have yourself a festive affair.

disco3disco 4

Remember the song from girl scouts: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.? Well that was my theme for New Years Eve.  I was spending the night with old friends and dressing to take a photo to join in with my great new friends in the blogsphere.  I thought I was so clever with the silver and gold. Turns out it wasn’t so easy…  The first batch of photos made my forehead look like an alien had invaded my scull and the disco ball on the tree in the background was no where to be found.

Not to worry.  My backups had been taken by my daughter, and she got my sparkly silver stockings and shoes-all set. Or so I thought.  I went to Holly’s site to re-read the upload instructions, and suddenly felt like I was in junior high and just gotten a test back where I hadn’t read the directions properly.  # 3-head shot and disco. Ug…


So this is the final result.  I donned my Indian sparkly, wedding  headdress {appropriate, as I’ll be going there the end of the month} Found the disco ball on the tree and headed over to Picnik to use one of my tips from the Blogging Your Way course I took in 2011.    If you’d like to join me and the other virtual, sparkly bloggers, you still have 48hrs.{read here}  Happy discoing! And make sure to let me know what you wear!