Design Inspiration from India

Feb 2012

Today I am happy to introduce you to Jane Shapiro, owner of Shadow Stories, a design company of multi media assemblage who just happens to be my traveling companion on this south Indian journey. I’ve invited her to share the sources of her design inspiration while traveling to the sub continent.

When I watch an aging artist in craft production, it is great inspiration for integrating local creativity. Many of the internationally recognized village artists master a dying art, for the younger people do not wish to carry on to the next generation. This solitude is reflected in Carry On.

Color along with karma surrounds and delights me as I walk through narrow lanes lined with stalls of Indian made items in the markets.

Rows of vibrant bangles inspired an under water garden.

Take advantage of natural surroundings and India may also provide a sense of freedom.

Ideas may take flight just by witnessing an early morning ritual.

A renowned ethno musicologist with whom I studied once said, India is a disease. Upon my third visit, this statement becomes a reality. Embedded in great complexity, magic and muse welcome me to become dizzy. India envelopes me as I wrap mind and heart around multitudes of legends, transformations of Gods and Goddess, 25 languages, cultural influences from both East and West, and extreme poverty alongside cutting edge technology. Her influence over my artwork is at once powerful and all encompassing.