Decorating with Hand Made Home

Feb 2012

I recently was the lucky recipient of Mark and Sally Bailey’s Hand Made Home and it is definitely another design hit for the husband and wife team.  For anyone who loves decorating with crafts in a soft and neutral palate, this is a must for your library.


Living with paintings, crafts and textiles while focusing on handcrafted guarantees your home will be unique and have a distinct personality.  Their book is a breath of fresh air in this age of mass marketing, and underlines the timeless beauty of working in this genre.

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The book is divided into two sections.  Elements gives us the authors philosophy about decorating and breaks it up into 5 themes. Color demonstrates how the hues of natural pieces work together and can incorporate vibrant accents.    Texture and Textiles both bring a warmth and cozy quality to a space. Made by hand illustrates how carefully selected  objects will make your home unique.  There is perfection in imperfection.  Collecting & curating showcases the careful editing and display of your artisan collections; how to group them to their best advantage.

The next section-The Homes-takes these same collections previously showcased and captures the beauty of the homes where they are displayed.  Insightful Q & A sessions offer a peek into the method and inspiration from each of the homeowners.  The wide and varied cross section of living spaces illustrates that living with Handmade can be done anywhere.

The Bailey’s have given us a beautifully photographed {by Debi Treloar}manifesto.  If Debi’s name sounds familiar-she also photographed Holly Becker’s fab Decorate book. Individuality works its was into every corner of the book-even the inside pages of the cover are filled with art and texture.  Hand Made Home should be on the shelf of everyone who loves to live with handmade treasures