Decorating with Antique Textiles-Final Countdown to Brimfield

Sep 2011

We’re in the final days before the start of the Brimfield Antiques Fair, Sept 7th-11th, and the highly anticipated Brimfield Tweet-Up on Sept.8 & 9th.  I am especially looking forward to my first Tweet Event; there is certainly a lot of excitement swirling around it! Just enter #Brimfield into your twitter stream and your head will be swimming with information and encouragement from all the expert Tweeps who will be attending. Organized by Gretchen Aubuchon Design and The Daily Basics, the VIP tent has so much to offer, I’m not quite sure how designers are going to get any work done!

Pandora de Balthazar on one of her antique linen beds

My background is textile design and I am always on the lookout for interesting, indigenous fabrics when I travel or am scouring flea markets.  They are usually lightweight and easy to pack.  Textiles can add a layer of personality and luxury to your decorating and are always a reminder of where you’ve been. In addition to the environmental value of using antique linens, the beauty and quality can be hard to duplicate with contemporary equivalents.  Higher thread counts, sentimental value and resilient properties all make treasure hunting for these beauties well worth the time invested.  With Brimfield upon us, antique and vintage textiles are one of the many decorating items to have on your radar.  Once there, your first stop should be the undisputed expert, Pandora de Balthazar, who will exhibit on the NE Motel Antiques Field.  She owns the world’s largest inventory of antique textiles and linens from the 18th, 19th and 20th century, over 2 million pieces, and is a passionate collector who gives new meaning to the luxurious bed.

Pdb blue bedroom
Pandora de Balthazar fine linens

From Primitive Linens to Trousseau Sets, her high quality collection will undoubtedly have a representation of whatever you might be looking for when it comes to the best in bedding, linens and accessories.  Make no mistake, antique linens are not all frou frou, lace and ruffles.  There is a huge variety, in all types of colors, suitable for a wide diversity of decorating styles.  Therein lies the benefit of seeking out an expert.  You are sure to leave Pandora’s exhibition with a wealth of knowledge and a new understanding of the value of layering your home with textiles.  She is a firm believer in using those linens, and making your everyday life more luxurious.  Linen is among the oldest fiber crops in the world,  dating back to at least ancient Egyptian times; with proper care your collection will be long lasting and increase in value.

pdb driftwood table

pdb pink linens
A beautiful bed made with Pandora de Balthazar linens
How fabulous would this luxurious bedroom be with an accent wall painted in Benjamin Moore’s #006 Picante. {Benjamin Moore is another of the Brimfield Tweet-Up sponsors} What a dreamy experience to fall off to Miss Lilly White’s Party in this environment!
Gloria Collins and Carole
from Casual Interiors
getting comfy at the May
Brimfield event.
      Pandora de Baltzhar is also sponsoring the #Trash2Treasure Brimfield Blogger Shopping Spree Event during the Tweet-Up with the winner receiving a $1500 shopping spree at Pandora’s exhibit.  Can you say Tranquil Sleeping Experience any better than that?  Details and rules are here.  Just be careful not to wander into Queen Pandora’s Castle before the end of your shopping day. It is rumored that once you slip into one of her Hungarian down and pressed linen beds, your treasure hunting for the day will be over!

See more of the collection from Pandora de Balthazar or visit them on Facebook.  All photos used with permission from the company.