Decorate with Every Day Kitchen Objects

Nov 2013
We use tableware several times a day, so it’s no wonder that these familiar forms are turning up on web sites as innovative design ideas for the home. I’ve previously written about a myriad of unusual lights keeping hundreds of thousands of plastic pounds out of landfill. Today, I was particularly taken by these ideas for innovative uses of cutlery to bring the recognizable kitchen items onto your walls.
up cycled painted spoons for decor

I believe these dipped spoons are covered in plastic. Not exactly Eco-friendly, but adapt the idea by taping off a section of the spoon to get a sharp line, and using a non-toxic paint to get the same effect. Think a slow gradation of color, starting light and gradually adding more color for an ombré effect. If the final product is going on the wall, there’s no worry about chipping.
vintage silver pie servers for decor

What could be more beautiful than a vintage collection of pie servers holding a place of honor in your kitchen decor. This unusual grouping is especially charming, but flea markets and 2nd hand stores are filled with great looking serving pieces that can sometimes be found for a song.
up cycled plastic spoons for wall decor

Recycled, strategically “used” plastic spoons take on new life when woven into a piece of art for the wall. This one works for me even as a framed print, and makes a statement about your thoughts on recycling and keeping non biodegradable trash out of landfill.
maggie hollingworth spoons art decor

I hesitate to say anything about Maggie Hollingworth’s  work, because it’s just so darn beautiful on its own. She uses paper waste in a completely different way, taking the once utilitarian object, and elevating it to an object d’art. Visit her web site for unusual inspiration.
While consumers will always seek out new products to accompany today’s modern lifestyle, items that represent a sense of familiarity and your personal style will be the finishing touches that make a house a home. Taking the time to add those meaningful accessories, especially if they are incorporated with items that have a sense of history with your family {that family reunion where you were going thru the trash to get all the spoons, or grandma’s favorite serving piece} , will bring a feeling of comfort and warmth to the spot you call home.

Photo credits from top: Happy Mundane , Oxygenee, Artssake, Maggie Hollingworth