Cooking Your Way Thru Meatless Monday

Dec 2011

Have you ever thought about cooking your way thru a cookbook a’ la Julie Powell of Julie and Julia fame? The thought has briefly passed my mind several times, but never seriously enough to actually do it.  That was before I read super natural every day by Heidi Swanson.  Her dinner meals look so out of this world to me, that I’ll be cooking my way thru them for my Meatless Monday posts for the next 17 weeks.  Sticking to anything for that long will be a challenge for me-but here goes…

This one is called Black Pepper Tempeh, and is a mix of cauliflower rice, garlic, ginger and natural cane sugar.


The tempeh and cauliflower  get caramelized with the shoyu {or tamari/soy sauce} and sugar, and I can tell you this recipe alone is worth the book purchase.  Yum, even my carnivore husband wanted more! I added the cilantro because I wanted some color on top for the photo, and it was a good addition.  I also don’t think its cool to post the recipe if the author hasn’t published it on the web yet, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.