Claire Brewster-Bringing Maps to Life

Nov 2013

When I saw the work of London based Claire Brewster, my heart did a little flutter.  Talent-check, upcycling-check, old maps-check, nature-check,  all the ingredients for an artistic love affair.  Just as Mother Nature takes over what we neglect, the artist is “celebrating the unwanted and giving new life to the obsolete.”

From Dark Heart {photo via Claire Brewster}

1clairebrewsterrainrose copy

Terrain Rose {photo via Claire Brewster}

3clairebrewsterhummingoverlondon copy

Hummingbird Over London {photo via Claire Brewster}

4clairebrewsterdontspoilitfortherestofus copy

Don’t Spoil it For the Rest of Us {photo via Claire Brewster}

Claire’s intricate use of ephemera {maps, atlases and book pages} transforms old pages into insects, birds and floral designs.  Some of the work is so detailed that the images disappear into a mesmerizing abstract design. What a delight having one of her works on the wall representing a recent trip you have taken.  I can’t think of a better use for these flights of fancy!

PS-if anyone knows how to incorporate a ‘check mark’ into my typing, I would be eternally grateful for the info-thanks.