Bring it Home with Nudo

Nov 2011

One of the toughest things about traveling is coming back to reality-the dreaded”re-entry”. I’ve found it helpful to try and continue to live with the atmosphere of the country you were visiting.  This year, I was especially lucky to have my blog, and I have been reliving my trip thru posting.  Imagine my delight when I came across the company Nudo!  To begin with, they have a terrific collection of olive oil, anti pasti and condiments available by mail.

2nd-The company has a delicious, romantic story. Cathy and Jason, owners of Nudo, left behind their successful California careers in television to become olive farmers in Italy.  SAY WHAT!!! Yes, completely flying by the seats of their pants, they learned everything from how to prune a tree to allow sparrows passage to the rigorous Italian rules about consuming cappuccino.  They’ve written a great book, The Dolce Vita Diaries, and have a blog that will make you more than a little GreenWithRenvy! 

3nudo collage

4nudo pasta

Filled with yummy recipes from the groves as well as guest foodies, the blog chronicles their adventures of living The Dolce Vita.  Even if you have never been to Italy, it’s a great escape.

5nudo adopt olive tree

And finally, they have a very clever Adopt a Tree Program.  What a perfect holiday gift for a friend{good}, a wedding present or even Baby gift.  For a little over $100.00, you will receive all the product from your tree for a year.  Along with your adoption certificate, in the spring you will receive all the EVOO from the tree and in the fall, a set of 3 flavored virgin olive oils.  Imagine day dreaming  about your own olive tree 1500 miles away on a hillside in Italy. Now that’s a slice of La Dolce Vita.
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