Inspiration From the Sea

Feb 2015

Right about now, everyone living in New England could use a beach. For those of us that love the shore, bringing a bit of the beach inside your environment can transform a space into something that will remind you of times spent re energizing your soul. A recent work opportunity left me minutes from Nantucket Sound, and in-between snow storms. I couldn’t resist taking in some Inspiration from the Sea. 

I wonder if the strands of seaweed inspired the shag rug in this photo from The Enchanted Home ? Probably not, but it would certainly remind me of this image.

A lime green accent can be the perfect foil to muted, soft greys.

Patterns made from the waves are reinterpreted in the lily floral arrangement.

The overall tonal quality of the shells has inspired my choice for the influence on this bedroom. Soft and dreamy, the copper accents enhance the ethereal quality of the color combination. Charcoal taken from the shells interior gives just enough contrast on the wall, and keeps the room from being too over the top feminine.

A piece of random rope on the beach can become the jumping off place for a myriad of furniture or accessories for your room.

I love picking up inspiration from whatever exterior environment I happen to be in. Do you have a favorite spot that jump starts your inner designer and gets the creative juices flowing?

  1. Shannon says:

    So excited to find your blog. I love this post and the way you interpreted the elements of nature.