Bravo to Artists For Humanity

Jul 2011

Today I’d like to introduce you to a remarkable organization here in Boston: Artists For Humanity. Located in Ft. Point/South Boston, and founded in 1991 by Susan Rodgerson, AFH is a non-profit providing art programs for underserved youth. I’ve been following them for a while and  find myself asking-How Much Greener Could They Possible Get? The checklist is pretty impressive:


Recycled Magazine Tables
Table made from recycled magazines via Artists For Humanity
  • Working in an Epicenter that features renewable technologies and energy efficient systems
  • Promoting sustainability through the artwork they produce
  • Inspiring future leaders to promote the Eco-movement
  • Encouraging dialogue by demonstrating the affordability and cost savings of sustainable design
  • Preserving the character of the largest Arts District in New England
  • Teaching self-sufficiency to urban teens through paid employment in the arts

The programs at
AFH are extensive.  Visit their web site to see more of the fab sustainable products they offer. Their business model is one that could be adapted at cities around the country, and I encourage you to support the organization in any way you can.     Aside from really diggin’ their mission, I think they have a pretty darn cool collection of one-of-a-kind furniture called ReVision 2.0.  Made from recycled plastic bags, magazines and junk mail, the artists strategically place design elements and then seal the table tops, stools and wall tiles with durable and VOC-free resin. Their Gyre stool is named after the enormous plastic Trash Gyre floating in the Pacific ocean, reminding us once again, that plastics never bio-degrade, but instead breaks down into small pieces which eventually make their way back into the food chain.