Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway

Jul 2013
I love being a traveler in my home town of Boston.  Writing on Green With Renvy has given me a new perspective of all the city has to offer, and this weekend I took a stroll down the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  Come along…

It’s hard to imagine that this space once was a congested tangle of steel that hovered over the city and directed traffic at a snail’s pace through downtown.  Completed in 2008, and named for the mother of the famous Kennedy clan, the gardens and public spaces extend from the Chinatown Gate to the Leonard Zakim Bridge.  The mile and a half network of green space now connects Boston to the city’s wharves, waterfront and historic North End, while hiding the fact that cars are bustling along underground.



The controversial Os Gemeos mural greeting visitors at the Dewey Square entrance is the work of the Brazilian twin brothers Pandolfo.  I recently learned that the urban art is scheduled to come down this October, which I think will be a shame.  An opportunity to share art with a broad audience is always a good thing in my book.


This garden growing in the middle of the Greenway was a lovely surprise.  Thriving amidst all the cars and concrete was a quite healthy stash of vegetables. Harvested throughout the summer, the crop is donated to the local non-profit Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

Here’s a set of wild wheels parked on Dewey Square, just going to prove you never know what you might find on the Greenway.

About one third of the way through the garden paths you can detour off the main drag through Rowes Wharf and walk along the waterfront {a detour I would gladly take any day!}.  Take in the Boston Harbour, smell the salt air and follow the path around to the other side by the aquarium where it reconnects with the Greenway.

My favorite summer spot that is enjoyed by kids of all ages – The Rings Fountain.  The unpredictable jets of water shoot like ribbons into the sky and delight all on this beautiful day.

Did I say kids of all ages? This bulldog was enjoying himself as much as everyone else!

I love that these sisters posed through the spray for their Mom.

The weekend also brings artists and craftspeople to the park featuring local works.

Festivals are a part of summer, and Figment Boston was a part of this weekend’s happenings.  Bringing together art, creativity and culture, there was something for everyone to take part in, especially the kids. A collaborative, interactive event, that emphasizes pure creativity, Figment has grown from a one day event in NY to 10 annual events in cities around the world, and is powered by participation.  I loved leaving a recycled treasure on the ever growing menagerie brought to us by touring artist and sculptor Nantz Comyns.

As well as leaving my photo on The Real Time Art Show wall.  What Matters at Figment is Your Experience.
And then of course there are the food trucks.  Mei Mei Street Kitchen is one of my favorites, featuring locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.  The Double Awesome- scallion pancake, house pesto, Vermont cheddar and soft poached egg was the perfect end to my stroll.

All who live in Boston breathed a sigh of relief when the Central Artery/Big Dig project was finally completed.  The resulting 40 acres of prime real estate are a gift to the environment and residents of the city.  Next time you visit, make sure to take a stroll and enjoy all The Rose Kennedy Greenway has to offer.