Blowin’ In The Wind

Feb 2011

I do love the song, and we all know the wind can be great for a lot of things.

Windsox via Romeo66

However, when it comes to winter and drafty windows, I think I’m agreeing with Mr. Hawk-Please make it stop!
Our 19th century Victorian has more than its share of drafty spots and although we have new energy efficient windows, there is still one side of the house that in winter always has a chill in the air. You can purchase draft stoppers, but most are hard to get to work on windows, and if you have a lot of spots, they can get expensive.  Today I am trying to remedy that with a DIY cost effective solution.  I purchased a 20 lb bag of rice on sale for $10.60. Next, I robbed my pantyhose drawer and found an abundance available for recycling. With a pair of scissors, I went to work. 20 minutes later, this was the result:

Items Necessary for DIY Draft Catchers

Stretch the panty hose over a tall glass

Work on newspaper to catch the overflow

Finished stuffed sausage draft catchers

 Its much easier if you have two people, one to hold the stocking open, and one to pour.  If not, you can stretch the top over a door knob once you get it started. I doubled each with two stockings in case it ever popped a gasket. Its easier to scoup the rice in with a dry ingredient measuring cup, then to try and pour.  Make sure to stretch out the stocking with the rice as you go and don’t fill them too full. Wait until the end to cut the length, they take on odd shapes.  Measure it stuffed next to the window or door. You can always cut it shorter. Its better to be able to mold them a little around the drafty area. Once its placed, the tied ends don’t show. The green argyle just happened to match my window trim color perfectly!