Beautiful Lighting from the Kill Beetle

Dec 2011

Here’s a conversation starter: “Yes, my lights are a result of the Kill Beetle in Colorado”. Hmm…The two industrial designers from I’ve Got Wood have joined forces to create beauty from the destruction of the dreaded Kill Beetle. The invasive bug has killed over one million pine trees in Colorado, and dead trees create quite a fire hazard.  Robyn Meier and Mark Veljkovich have turned this unique resource into furniture and lighting that helps reduce the fire risk and raise awareness about the problem.

ivegotwood mini3 ivegotwood lamps outside2

I am featuring their lasar cut pattern lights here.  I love the way the light dances like butterflies when illuminated and creates such a delicate pattern when it’s off.  The pine beetle leaves a pale ribbon of blue/grey color running thru the logs, and that unique feature is worked into their recycled designs.  The designers like to say that their modern designs “serve as a tribute to our beautiful Colorado Forests”. I can certainly agree.

See additional furniture, benches and lights at their Etsy Store.
All photos from I’ve Got Wood.