Be Mine – Valentine

Feb 2011

                                     Who Can ever have too many Valentines?

Start the day with a special book about Love wrapped in natural fiber and twine. Extra points for the chocolate attatched to the ribbon! From  one of my favorite stores Joanne Rossman Design

                                  Hand made Valentines using recycled magazine pages.

Magazines have exquisite photos that deserved to be recycled for another round of joy. DIY cards (more on this in another post) add an element of handcrafted thought to your cards.

Bear with me on this photo, as I was learning how to use the storyboard tools.  Here I am going with concepts, not the actual product:
A. Use recycled fabrics to make a lovely accent piece
B. You can never go wrong with artwork-love the idea of the heart poster for a Cardiologist!
C. Using chalkboard paint, apply to a small section of a wall and leave a message for your true love
D. The obvious:chocolates and candy-but why not make some special cupcakes?
E. A favorited scented candle for romance.
F. Pillows with different messages seem to be all the rage these days-especially if it involves changing the world.
G. A heart paperweight-these make me think of a special stone you have brought back from a memorable trip.  Put a message on the bottom and the date and place of your travel.
H. Favorite fruits wrapped with a lovely bow are a natural gift and show you are paying attention.
I. Cooking a loved meal is a sure way to warm anyone’s heart.
  1. qtma11 says:

    What great things about valentines day..wish i had a loved meal that could warm my heart!

  2. Would be pleased to make one for you. Give me a call the next time your in town 😉