Bagan Lodge-Oasis in Myanmar

Mar 2014

The Bagan Lodge is an oasis amongst the ancient temples in Myanmar’s magnificent city. Located 700 km north of Yangon {a two hour flight}, Bagan is home to the most concentrated collection of ancient Buddhist ruins in the world. Many of the temples and pagodas survive from the 11th and 12th centuries. After a hot and dusty day of visiting a large selection of the over 2500 pagodas and temples still remaining, this property, on the outskirts of the archaeological zone, allows the visitor to recharge and process the abundance of  historic  structures they have no doubt spendt the day exploring.

Bagan Lodge


While I often lean towards a hotel that sings of the local ambience, the fact that this property has a subtle decor that doesn’t compete with the majesty of Bagan was something I appreciated whole heartedly. The calm of the architecture immediately brings you back to earth and allows the guest to start to take in all the magic of the day’s events. It represents a perfect marriage of old Burma with modern appointments.

bagan lodge oasis myanmar

Newly opened in August of 2013, the lodge was designed by Brigitte Dumont de Chassart and has a choice of 82 deluxe rooms as well a 3 suites. Key to the design is the central pool, around which everything radiates.  The bar, restaurant and lobby are open air and overlook the luxurious water feature. Bagan’s climate is dry and hot, and just the sight of the pool immediately brings a calm to a mind swimming with the sights of the day-a bit of cerebral overload.

 bagan lodge room view

Rooms are located in stand alone redbrick structures, the bricks created locally and reflecting the nearby temple designs. Lobby furniture takes it’s cue from the Burmese culture, chairs and tables mimicking the curve and design of furnishings from the Golden Age of Travel.  The lobby seats are reminiscent of the curve of old teak houdah used when riding elephants. There is a feeling of British colonialism, combined with a flavor of the exotic travel the country has to offer.

The white tarp roofs on each of the individual structures felt safari like and blended seamlessly into the landscape. Areas are connected by garden pathways.  Dark wood enhanced the colonial feel and furnishings were kept minimal and clean lined. Comfortable rattan settees and functional armoires enhanced the homey feel. The jack and jill bath was roomy, held double sinks, a large walk in rain shower and tub. Again materials were local and elegantly minimal. Large windows let in plenty of light and the reflective glass allows guests to take advantage of the views while sheilding others from looking in.  Relaxing on the covered porch is a perfect way to recharge before dinner.



Bagan lodge myanmar

A lobby bar and addiitional side bar overlook the pool, as does the Tiffin Box restaurant, which serves both Western and Asian cuisine. A breakfast buffet offers much in the way of local fruits and a wide selection of choices, the emphasis is on fresh and local ingredients.

spa bagan lodge myanmar

Not to be missed is the hotels spa, with a wide range of natural treatments featuring Yves Rocher products, known for their purity of ingredients. Natural elements have been incorporated into all experiences and elixirs stimulate the five senses. Experience a tamarind body scrub and Myanmar massage {the Journey to Bagan} , you’ll be rejuvenated in no time!


The Bagan Lodge is a welcome addition to Myanmar, a country having difficulty keeping up with the demand for luxe rooms and posh amenities. The friendly staff make a point of ensuring you feel welcome; remembering personal details is something that I always appreciate. The unique design and personalized service of the Bagan Lodge will make your stay at the edge of one of the most important archeological sites in SouthEast Asia an unforgettable experience.

Green With Renvy partnered with The Bagan Lodge for this visit, as always, opinions are 100% my own.

  1. Burma (Myanmar) is really changing! Bagan is an eye-popping place (we visited from a river cruise ship many years ago) – nice to know there’s a luxury lodge if one stays overnight now.

    • alison says:

      I think you’d be shocked by the number of luxury hotels that are popping up. In Inle Lake alone, they have created a zone to build 20 additional hotels. The face of the country is changing so fast, i’m afraid it will be so different in the near future.

  2. Oh Alison this resort looks fabulous. I can imagine the hotel chains would be jumping in fast on such a beautiful destination. I’m sure you wont’ recognise Myanmar if you visit again. I love that it all looks so calm and peaceful.

    • alison says:

      Catherine, I did feel sad when leaving. Seeing how hard it was to secure hotel rooms in every location, I’m sure they will be building like crazy. And while the influx will be good for the economy, there’s no way the lifestyle is sustainable with all the additional tourists.

  3. That looks like a great resort, elegantly tucked away in one of the greatest sight of Myanmar… a bit jealous 🙂

    • alison says:

      Thanks for visiting. Bagan is a really special place and I feel so appreciative that I got to visit. Going through my photos over the last few days made me want to go back so badly! There’s so much more to explore.

  4. Erin says:

    I’ll be packing my suitcase, if you need me. LOL!

  5. Great photos of the hotel (specially I loved the flying globes) .

    PS. This comment form is the coolest one I’ve ever seen in a travel blog!!!

  6. Wow, I visited Myanmar years ago and it seems to be changing so fast now! I hope it doesn’t lose itself in the pace of that change.

  7. This looks lovely and so relaxing! This looks like just the type of place I’d go to.

  8. Elena says:

    The hotel looks lovely and very welcoming and so different from what I expect to see in Myanmar :))

  9. Gabor Kovacs says:

    Firs of all, I love your comment form!! Second, this hotel seems really amazing, especially if I think about the crappy hostel we stayed in Bagan!:)

  10. What a paradise! I visited Myanmar in 2010 and it looked so different… would love to go back and stay in such an amazing lodge!

  11. Looks very luxurious for somewhere like Myanmar. Nice little find, thank you.

  12. jennifer says:

    Oh this looks so fabulous. LOVE the hot air balloons.

    • alison says:

      This was my first time in a hot air balloon Jennifer-an experience I’ll never forget. It was like I was floating across the sky!

  13. Stunning!
    Love your site’s layout, by the way 🙂

  14. Christine says:

    Very cool spot and I love your blog! Great design and layout. Mayanmar is definitely in the cards sometime for our next trip so we’ll check this place out!

    • alison says:

      Christine-I redesigned my blog earlier this year and it’s so nice to get positive feedback. Thanks, and I hope you will get to the Bagan Lodge.

  15. Bob R says:

    Looks like a nice place indeed. What are the nightly rates?

  16. Pablo says:

    Looks like a great place to stay and diggin that photo of the pool with the hot air balloons!

  17. I’m headed to Myanmar later this year – this place looks great. Any idea on rates? Love your site by the way 🙂

    • alison says:

      Hi Ashley, Published rates in the off season start at around $180.00 (US) and include breakfast. Check their site as they often run packages.

    • alison says:

      Thanks for the compliment Ashley! Some ideas about rates are above. Let me know how you make out, you’ll love the country.

  18. This hotel seems fantastic, a wonderful and relaxing oasis. Would love to take one of those hot air balloons as well. Myanmar is definitely making it to the top of our list for when we revisit Southeast Asia

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  20. Erin says:

    You have me daydreaming of Bagan and The Bagan Lodge. The beauty is astounding! If plane tickets weren’t so expensive, I’d be booking a trip this afternoon!

    • alison says:

      Erin-I wonder how much more we’d all be traveling those distances if cost weren’t an issue. My next challenge is to find how to work an Around The World ticket!