The Art of Searching for Treasures

Jul 2011

Beachcombing. The word conjures up a multitude of memories and represents one of my all time favorite pastimes. I actually love looking for objet anywhere I happen to be walking, but on the beach, there is special joy in the art of the search.  Piles of heart shaped rocks, pieces of fish skeletons, rusty nails and less than perfect shells have found their way into special spots in my home and my mixed media collages.  With that in mind, I was thrilled today to stumble upon the artwork of Jennifer Steen Booher from Bar Harbor, ME.

Green Sea Glass and Beach China by Jennifer Steen Booher

2quercus design-bar-island-may-28-2011

Bar Island by Jennifer Steen Booher

3quercus design-eddies-brook-may-28-2011

Eddie’s Brook by Jennifer Steen Booher

She has a beautiful, clean aesthetic and chronicles her finds in crisp, artfully arranged photographs available in her Etsy shop. Her blog, Quercus Design is a delight to read, as she takes you along to the places where she finds these natural beauties.  I wish her much success with her work.