Armchair Travel No.10

Aug 2014

So much to see, so little time…. My armchair travel took me to Europe and back this week and a whole lot of places in between.

Armchair travel Green With Renvy
  • So much fun to travel with Nomad Luxuries to La Costa del Sol.  Yana travels with such a sense of style and is happy to share sources with you.
  • A stool with a sense of humor, what could be better to sit on and be creative. Galvin Brothers nails it over on Heart and Home’s August issue.
  • Just about everyone I know is headed for the sun this weekend.  Before you go, mix up a batch of homemade sunscreen without all those nasty chemicals.  EAT Boutique shows you how with six easy to find ingredients in just a few pretty steps.
  • Are you familiar with Snag Films.  It’s a great free site for off beat independent films.  This week I enjoyed Low + Clear,  two former best friends reunite for a fly fishing trip in the stunning wilderness of the west. You’re sure to find some weekend entertainment on their site.
  • When the Wanderlust newsletter arrives from GeoEx, I can’t wait to dig in and read it from cover to cover.  This month’s had a great story from Christopher Hall—The Night Train to Mandalay.  Luckily I had seen Anthony Bourdain on that same train and his teeth jarring experience, so although I had an similar romantic notion about train travel in Burma, I took a pass.
  • I think I’m about the only one around who hasn’t been to Barcelona.  This hyper lapse film from Rob Whitworth is one of the best i’ve seen and gave the city a huge bump on my list. Get your seat belts on!
  • I’m a huge fan of Clover Food Lab.  Organic, vegetarian (he’ll hate me for writing the unspoken word) healthy and delicious. Owner Ayr Muir has high hopes to become the darling of the fast food chain world and nothing would make me happier than to see that success.  Fascinating read in Boston Magazine about his business model and how he uses technology towards that end.

nantucket champagne

It’s that time of year again for me-a bit of bubbly on the water.  Get out and enjoy the weather and celebrate the weekend.