Armchair Travel-Where I’ve Been This Week

Mar 2013

Love this experiment in Eco flower dying from Free People. The ideas are endless for beautiful combos.

After my experience of plastic on the beach in the Bahamas, I stumbled upon Barbie Does Miami, an artist famous for her use of found plastic in her artwork and jewelry making. She has an hilarious take on fitting into the Miami social SCENE as an artist whose mission it is to make people aware {and perhaps a tad uncomfortable} of the forever plastics we are discarding on a daily basis. Can you say conspicuous consumption vs. Protect the Planet?

Need some inspiration for your quiet place somewhere? Free Cabin Porn fits the bill perfectly. This hand built floating cabin in Perry Creek on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine is pretty sweet-don’t you think?
Photo by Marcus Peabody.

Looking at the role food has in our culture, Feasting on Art feeds you-body and soul. Megan Fizell takes her art historian knowledge and focuses on the still life, giving us a palate to plate interpretation. Photo of Megan’s web site.

So where have you travelled this week? Leave me a note in the comments so I can take a peek.