Armchair Travel This Week No.3

Apr 2013
Spinning the web this week for my armchair travel…

armchair travel
  • I have a friend from high school that I don’t connect with nearly enough. We have a Bouche de Noel connection that is highlighted every Christmas season. This delicious cake is a time consuming project that we collaborated on in French class one year, and now that she lives in Paris, I’m sure she sees it a lot more than I do. I was completely smitten by this spring version that i saw in Sweet Paul Magazine‘s spring issue that I plan on making with my daughter to continue the tradition.
  • These bento boxes from Zenta Shop in pastel candy colores almost make me want to go to work in an office {almost I said}.  How pretty my fridge would be using them for leftovers.
                                    takenaka bento box
  • Completely smitten with these well crafted items from Nicole Porter-perfect for summer entertaining or wedding gifts that I know are right around the corner. I especially love the environmentally friendly state napkins.
  • On a bit of a different tangent, for anyone who knows me, you’re aware of how big a roll hockey has played in my family’s life. I was somewhat surprised, but encouraged to read that The National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association are taking proactive steps to embrace the equality of all people, whatever their sexual orientation. The league announced that it would partner with You Can Play, an advocacy group for gay athletes, to combat homophobia in sports. Bravo!
  • Finally, Fast Company is a magazine that always has inspirational stories for me. I have been fascinated by the transformation of J.Crew in recent years and it was eye opening to read the story behind the brand.  Jenna Lyons took the bull by the horns and reworked the company into a cult brand.

So where have you been this week?