Armchair Travel No.6

Nov 2013
Busy planning an upcoming trip to Burma took me spinning around the globe this week.

  • I’m constantly trying to improve my photography skills and this simple lesson from Sara Lynn Paige  has a good, easy to use tip when nothing but a flash will do.
  • This story from the Telegraph about a river cruise to Mandalay helped me drift off to sleep with visions of small villages and sun burnished temples. 
  • I’ve always had a bit of backpacker envy, wishing I had taken the time to travel more before life took hold and commitments made long term wanderings impossible.  Tales from Jeffrey Donenfeld exploring the backroads of Myanmar off the beaten path, did nothing to alleviate that wishful thinking. 
  • And then there is the site-Tourism Transparency-which is helping to build a fair and responsible tourism industry by helping travelers make informed decisions about where their dollars are spent…This trip suddenly got a lot more complicated!

Have a great weekend everyone….