Armchair Travel No.5

Nov 2013

Here’s a peek of where I traveled on the web this week.

  • Two Words-Halloween Candy.  It’s really just about the only time of year I indulge.  And this year we had NOT ONE trick or treater.  How does that happen?? So I donated most to a local nursing home, but those snickers are hanging around.  Here are 10 recipes from Cool Mom Picks to use up those Halloween left overs.  The peanut butter snickers brownies got my attention.
  • Inside Horne, a curated collection of online shopping for the modern home, you’ll find unusual items personally selected by the owners with an eye toward clean design and sustainability.
  • Transport yourself to the Dar Zohra guesthouse located in Marrakech, Morocco.  This boutique hotel provides comfort and an authentic experience of the Atlas Mountains.  A great starting point for an adventure  of exploring local villages.
  • Starting to think about vacation planing ?? Afar has a wonderful Wanderlist Resorts Around the World compiled by Kirsten Alana. Just when everyone is starting to plan winter vacations, you’ll find great spots to suit your needs whether you’re staying Stateside, or looking for an international destination.  Sunrise in Java anyone?
Have some armchair travel you’d like to share? Let me know about it in the comments.