Armchair Travel No.19

Jul 2015

Recipes for summer produce, a cloned stallion and an ancient clan living in tree houses high above the jungle floor. My armchair travel did some serious roaming this week. Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair.

Armchair travel across the web
  • Looking for a good read? Problem solved by The Atlantic, with over 100 pieces of non-fiction for your viewing pleasure. Subjects-you name it!
  • I found this story about a semi-nomadic tribe living with an ancient culture fascinating. For the time being, the environment sustains their lifestyle and high above the dense forest in the jungles of Indonesia, you’ll fond the tree houses that shelter the families. I’m sure we could learn so much from the Korowai-that is, if we don’t destroy their culture beforehand.
  • The best of summer produce is right around the corner. Get ready for smashed tomatoes, peaches and mozzarella-OH MY! Green Kitchen Stories never disappoints.
  • I just read this story in Vanity Fair about the handsome polo player cloning his beloved stallion. The horse died over 10 years ago and now Adolfo Cambiaso is not only riding the clone, but changing to game entirely. To be honest, it gave me the creeps. What is your take on the story?
  • The travel company Abercrombie & Kent is famous for its luxury trips to all corners of the world, but its founder, Geoffrey Kent, 73, flies decidedly more under-the radar. That’s set to change on August 11, 2015, with the publication of Safari: A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel Pioneer, in which the Monaco-based Kent recounts his globetrotting adventures in a narrative that’s filled with as many thrills as a fast-paced suspense novel, including how he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro as a teen and rang in the 21st century with a swim in the near freezing waters of the North Pole. I’ve pre-ordered and can’t wait to dig in.
  • Instagram is my favorite social media tool-I spend way too much time getting inspired by the work of others. Perhaps you’d like to follow me and give me a smile!? Anyway, a new collaboration is giving us a real inside look at China. 19 photographers (12 of them foreigners) have joined together for the @eyesonChinaproject. The feed is self curated and gives quite an interesting perspective. I love their tagline-A group of photographers documenting the world’s most populated country…from behind the Great Firewall.
  • Finally, as I am making plans for a winter trip to India, the weavers in Varanasi appeared on my radar again and made itinerary choices to my favorite travel destination even harder to come by. Read about the creatives trying to help them sustain their ancient craft.

So who’s ready for another weekend of summer fun? Hope the sun shines on everyone and you have a great time!