Armchair Travel No. 18

Jun 2015

Summer has yet to arrive in our neck of the woods, but everyone is certainly talking about summer travel plans. I’ve heard tales of trips from Africa to Timbuktu, as well as luxury travel to the Italian Riviera being planned that’s making me green with envy. Come along for some Armchair Travel.

Armchair travel Green With Renvy

Almost all are talking about a beach sum where. A trend I am noticing is more and more travel to the Caribbean and Islands in the off season. I’ve always though it would be much too hot, but it’s calling many people’s names. The word of the week is gastronomy. Everyone is talking about the new foodie destination. Where do you think it will be? I’m putting my money on Portugal.

  • And have you heard the big news about a woman finally being put on the face of US currency? It’s about time, don’t you agree!
  • What do you bring home as souvenirs from your travels? In case you missed it, i’ve put together a cheat sheet for decorating with  global flavor.
  • If you’re a last minute Willy like me, here’s a great list of books to give for Father’s Day.
  • Looking to explore cheese locations around the world? Andy Fisher has put together a great travel list Just Say Cheese over on Afar.
  • Sweet Paul’s brand new Summer issue is full of food, crafts, and lifestyle content that you love! Come chase the SWEET things in life and be inspired with all preview of all things summer.
  • Are you familiar with the SketchBook Project? Well let me introduce you. It’s a traveling  library of 1000’s of  Moleskin sized journals submitted according to a theme challenge from artists around the world. It began in 2006 and represents a collaborative global effort of more than 75,000 submissions.   If you like to draw, or just enjoy snooping at other peoples inspiration, take a peek at their library. The ideas are endless. This link will take you to the search for travel sketchbooks, but you can look for any topic from artists around the world.
  • I was thrilled to read this piece on Rwanda over on the Wanderlust at GeoEx. From the chic eateries in Kigali to the gorilla habitats in Virunga National Park, a range of riches attests to Rwanda’s heartening rebirth from post-conflict ruin into high-end tourist destination.
  • You know I recently visited Spain and while there, I attended TBEX, the largest gathering of travel bloggers from around the world. One of the people I met was Nelson Carvalheiro. His blog will have you dreaming of Portugal, and then you’ll understand why I think this country will be the next big destination for foodies everywhere to visit. I can’t wait for his Portuguese Travel cookbook to arrive in the US.

So, there you have it. My armchair travels from the week. Have you confirmed your summer travel plans? I am really excited to be exploring New England, my own backyard, over the summer months. Along with a heavy dose of Nantucket in the mix. Where will you be headed?