ArmChair Travel No.17

Apr 2015

I feel like a new person after a weekend of sun and warm temperatures finally arrived in New England. Here’s a little Armchair Travel from the final week ?? of grey gloom in our neck of the woods.

link roundup in armchair travel
  • Are restaurants the next industry to join the sharing economy of Uber and AirB&B? Interesting concept sweeping across the country for a dining experience making the most of their real estate.
  • We’ve had a week of grey weather here in New England. My friends and I are dying to get some dirt under our nails. Although the yard is a long way from planting, this weekend i’ll start with some herbs and I love this info graphic showing the 411 on growing them.
  • These 46 travel tips are important for anyone, but especially for women venturing off on their own. I always register with the US State Department. What about you?
  • Are you a fan of train travel? Lately I’ve been daydreaming about a slow travel trip on the rails, seeing the scenery, and changing the pace. I’ve always wanted to follow the Silk Road from Moscow to Beijing.
  • Let me introduce you to Salt Magazine-a Lifestyle and Travel quarterly from the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Hope you had a great weekend!

  1. Well, we love slow travel. We’ve been thinking of a luxury train trip in India. That Silk Road Luxury Express looks like quite the trip too :-).