Armchair Travel-Link Love This Week

Feb 2013

Catching  my eye {and time}  this week was a wide variety around the web.

photo credit : John Merkel via California Home Design

Great read and house tour of an historic PG&E power plant in Sonoma being transformed into a home over at California Home Design.
My weekly Pinterest fix was bringing all sorts of divine textiles. One of my favorites was The Red Sari, a socially responsible fashion design company.
Read a disturbing article on genetically engineered salmon at Food and Water Watch. I’m starting to worry that if I keep reading, there will be nothing left to eat.
Not into the Super Bowl? I hear you loud and clear! Head over to ARTINFO for a list of 20 must watch artist documentaries from Baqquiat-The Radient Child to the  award winning 2010 documentary Wasteland, a fascinating look at the relationship between artist Vik Muniz and the Gramacho catadores {trash pickers}. There’s plenty there to keep you busy for a least four quarters!
Finally, my gal pal Ems turned me on to the wonderful site Twisted Sifter.  This post for up cycling a wide variety of items is a hoot. I guarantee you’ll pick up a few ideas here.
Hope your weekend was inspirational. Where did you roam?