Armchair Travel for Your Weekend

Sep 2014

This week during my Armchair Travel I went from the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia to a visit to TBEX in Cancun.

armchair travel green with envy
  • You have probably seen Amazon’s video of their futuristic delivery service with drones.  Camera drones are already making an appearance all over the web.  They are changing the way we think of photography.  I have been seeing photos recently of Nantucket views that were pretty splendid on instagram.  Take a peek at this surfing video shot by a drone named Phyllis. Paul Borrus gives us a birseye view with this  surf video from Mentawai Islands  in Indonesia.
  • An important look inside China’s unhealthy environment and the depressing Cancer Villages that have grown up around the country.  I learned what an eco-migrant is and why it’s so important to know about this unacceptable situation from this Q & A with photographer Souvid Datta over on Roads and Kingdoms. 
  • Think gene mutation is only for scientists? Think again. Fractured Fauna by Misako Inaoko looks strange, but somehow at home in our rapidly changing world. With everything being done in laboratories, what will we actually be surprised by in the future?
  • Moving on with animals, Afar takes a lighthearted look at critter crossing signs from around the world.  From Elephants to crabs, they all need to get to the other side.
  • New England is known for its leaf peeping season, so I might have to disagree with NatGeo about this list, but if you want to travel outside the states to see the best of Fall, you can see the change of seasons all over the world.
  • Who knew your smartphone has so many tricks up its sleeve.  Be ready to be amazed, very amazed! These guys are very clever.
  • I was unable to attend the TBEX travel bloggers in Cancun recently.  Green Global Travel’s Bret Love gives us a recap of his Keynote Q & A with Dr. Martha Honey as she speaks to the future of ecotourism and responsible, sustainable travel.

Have you had the chance to visit some interesting places, or learn new things from the web this week? Share some weekend reading in the comments section below.

  1. anna parker says:

    Camera drone’s are fantastic as you say – we’ve seen them being used a lots of sailing and cultural events this summer and they really do capture a different view – one step beyond the go pro!

  2. I loved those tips with the smartphone photography – especially the ‘underwater’ one with the glass at the end. So simple, but so clever..

  3. Oh my gosh, I found your blog today and I simply love it! LOVE IT! Cannot wait to read more.