ArmChair Travel No.8

Mar 2014

We definitely got a little closer to spring this week, but I have to enlist my armchair travel to find pretty pictures to get me through these grey days.

cherry blossom arm chair travel
  •  The sap is late this year, many of the trees just beginning to thaw.  Eat Boutique gives us a primer on maple syrup and 6 heavenly ways to indulge our sweet tooth.
  • A summer wedding has me traveling to the west coast and Tofino on Vancouver Island just might be on the list. Beaches, mountains and off the beaten path-all big check marks when I’m planning a trip.
  • I think we can learn so much from reading about others’ travel journeys.  Barbara Weibel from Hole in the Donut reflects on 7 years of travel.
  • Catherine over at Farm House Home shows us how small the world is becoming with an interview with illustrator Lucy King.  She also shared a dynamite recipe for cauliflower rice  with me which will soon make an appearance on Green With Renvy.
  • Always inspiring with beautiful photography, Bea from La Tartine Gourmand had me fantasizing about a Lifestyle and Cooking Workshop in Sicily come October….

So, where have you been traveling this week?