Armchair Travel No. 9

May 2014

A long holiday weekend always makes the next days fly by.  Here’s where i’ve been on my Armchair Travel this week.

armchair travel around the web
  • Freelance journalist Bert Archer gives us a remarkable tour of the most remote museum on earth.  South Georgia is the place where Shackelton hit the ice with the Explorer, which subsequently sank.  The Museum represents the years 1904-1964, the final years of the whaling industry.  The National Geographic Explorer, one of the few outfits to go there, calls the trip an “expedition” rather than a cruise, because the weather is unpredictable and there is a high chance you just might not get there.   As an added bonus, his photos are spectacular, insight into a destination few of us will ever have the chance to visit.
  • I choose to believe summer is around the corner, and to me that means fruit crumbles.  What could possibly be better than combining the best of spring ingredients into one of those delicious desserts.  I can always count on Green Kitchen Stories for their recipes and Rhubarb & Strawberry Quinoa Crumble is no exception. Gluten free friends-this one’s for you {and all the rest of us too!}
  • You will be as astonished as I was to see the incredible paintings on discarded pennies that I read about on RedBarnArtworks. Thanks Suerae for the collection of penny art.
  • Are you familiar with the Incredible India campaign?  I always notice the enticing photos they use in their advertising.  Breathe Dream Go has put together a fun over view of her top 10 Incredible India Moments.  Thank you Mariellen.
  • Have you gotten your summer reading lines up yet? Flavorwire gives us 10 Highbrow Books to Read on the Beach (and What Each Says About You). I’m going to think i’d read The Essential by ellen willis {but to be honest, i’m not sure any of them would be on my list}.
  • The weather has yet to put a permanent spring in my step, but I can still dream about hiking with these Stunningly Beautiful Hikes Around the World from Afar.
  • Finally, National Geographic is always good for a little eye candy.  Can’t resist looking at  America’s Beach Towns. I’ve stepped for on 5 of the shores, what about you?

Have a lovely weekend.

  1. What a beautiful composition–a delightful armchair indeed!