Are you Pinterested in Pinterest?

May 2012
If you’ve been visiting Green With Renvy for any amount of time, by now you realize that i’m a very visual person. Its no surprise that I took to the site Pinterest like the proverbial bear to honey. Have you joined in on the fun yet?
Recently, the site has exploded and experienced phenomenal growth. Experts have taken notice that it’s the fastest growing social media site of the year. Research shows that on average, users are spending almost 90 minutes per visit. It seems like everyone is talking about it; even my friends, who has never been interested in any other form of social media, are all over it. Founded by Ben Silberman, a guy that loved collecting as a kid, the site really took off when he partnered with design blogger SF Girl By The Bay, and they started a Pin it Forward campaign with her design pals. For those of you that don’t know Victoria, she is a San Francisco based blogger, photographer and all around design junkie with a bohemian sense of style that shines thru in everything she touches. Not to mention 20,000+ daily readers-yikes. The rest, as they say, is history.
The site is beautiful, easy to use, and very handy for a myriad of reasons. Visual people – prepare to be delighted and loose yourself for several hours!
I find it helpful in many different ways. Working on a design project, I can organize ideas and products that my client can then observe virtually on my Pinterest board. This can further be organized into different rooms in the house.
Planning a blog post, I can compose a board of ideas for future writing inspiration. Here cool summer cocktails are awaiting my piece about summer entertaining.
For a visual person, this program is filled with so much eye candy, it’s easy to understand how visitors can while away the hours without realizing how much time has passed. You can organize dinner parties, gifts for the holidays, travel plans, or a wedding. There really are no limits. So head on over to Pinterest, follow me, let me know if you need an invite to join, and get ready for your newest addiction.