Are We Ready for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

Jun 2012
This week we’re getting ready to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

Since virtual travel plans to London are on the agenda, best to make sure your weekender bag doesn’t suffer a case of mistaken identity. Try on one of these Eco-friendly luggage tags to quickly identify your bags upon arrival at Heathrow.
Gessato recycles rubber into a set of 3 eco-friendly luggage tags. This can be the perfect gift idea for that very urban chic traveler.
Unique ECO FRIENDLY luggage tags made of Italian regenerated leather from PB Travel. Regenerated leather is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. Natural, renewable raw materials such as natural latex, natural fat, natural tanning agents. 95% of the material are renewable, natural substances.
Lewis N Clark introduces this be good to the environment while traveling Luggage Tag. Made with TPU construction, it is phthalate-free and recyclable. The transparent back ID window fits a standard business card. An eye-catching spackle design decorates the front in your choice of blue or green.
Vintage, custom, maps. A definite winning combo. I’m all over these graphics, up cycled into unique tags, which can be made with almost any location you request, from a larger city or region to a country or continent. They are made with upcycled white vinyl scraps from a local custom sewing shop, clear film from a local factory, 12 gauge vinyl, and maps from vintage and discarded atlases and road maps. From Marmaline.
This colorful tag, introduced by Squigglechick is made from pieced repurposed Avery Brewing Co, Maharaja Imperial IPA beer labels. The reverse side is made from hand dyed organic cotton & has a clear vinyl covering on both sides. What a colorful way to distinguish your luggage from others, converting trash into something new.
Now that your luggage is all ready to travel, I’ll be back tomorrow with the best in Eco friendly hotels and farm to table experiences in London. Cherio!