America Recycles Day-Feed People, Not Landfills

Nov 2012
The Keep AMERICA beautiful organization sponsors America Recycles Day, dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the US. Throughout the day, November 15th, there are local educational events, collection drives and awareness initiatives across the country to promote the recycling concept.

This year’s theme is “Feed People, Not Landfills”. Considering that Americans throw out 14% of the food we buy, which averages out to about 470 pounds, this is certainly an area with room to tighten our belts. The potent greenhouse gas, methane, is a result of all this food decomposing in landfills.
I don’t want to get into a long list of helpful hints, because I think the most helpful thing you can do when it comes to reducing your food waste, is just to be more mindful about your food pyramid. Start at the top and plan your weekly menu. We are all guilty of purchasing more than we can consume, so keep this in mind. Make a plan to eat down your fridge and pantry ever six months or so and use up what you have. It’s a great challenge that can involve the whole family to try and come up with a menu using only what you have on hand. Who cares if you have pancakes or eggs for dinner one night! I guarantee your kids will love it.
If you have a yard, start composting food scraps. I was amazed at how much it reduced our trash. Even if you are not a gardener, that magic black gold that your food scrap becomes will benefit every living thing growing in your yard.
Start small, start thinking. This is one area where each of us can make a difference and the bottom line of your pocketbook and the environment will thank you for it.