There She Goes Again-India

Jan 2016

I’m not really sure how this trip snuck up on me so quickly. In a few short hours I’ll be on my seventh trip to my favorite country-India-the land of color and wonder. Each time, I always enjoy the questions beforehand. She goes again-India? friends whisper to my husband. So many folks are curious and full of apprehension. What is it that keeps you going back they all ask. I love the curiosity and the opportunity to share all the wonderful characteristics and dispel rumors about a destination many would never dream of traveling to. Perhaps I can change their mind.

Camel in Rajasthan

children in Rajasthan

Travel this time around takes me to the state of Rajasthan, which translates to the Land of the Kings.  I have visited once before , but only to the city of Jaipur. Udaipur of Octopussy fame, Jodhpur, Jaislamer and the a few small village towns in the desert are on the agenda. Rumor has it you will see me on a camel, as well as glamping it up sleeping in a tent. So what will it be like?

Rajasthan bougainvillea flowers

  • There is a concept called chaotic, and everything in India takes it to a new level.
  • It’s always important to be respectful of another culture. This includes knowing what to wear when traveling in India.
  • That higher level can be said about everything there. My senses are ready to be assaulted in the very best of ways. Color, taste , smell, sight and sound will reach new levels for the rest of the month.
  • There is an unimaginable level of poverty. Never has there been a place that makes me appreciate what I have at home more than India.
  • Temperatures in Rajasthan this time of year range from high 40°F to highs in the 80°F. The desert can get pretty cold in the evening, so it’s key to dress in layers.
  • The trees by the lakeside in Udaipur are home to large fruit bats and are great for the environment as they keep the insect population down. I will try to get my Zen on when we meet.
  • Protective head gear is critical for sun protection-expect to see hats.
  • No shoes are allowed in the temples, shoulders must be covered and no black in the Jain temples. All important to keep in mind when packing.
  • Start saying Go With the Flow as soon as you get on the plane-repeat often!

handsome and charming in any language

The hand stitching detail on his smocked shirt was unlike anything I had ever scene. Crafts, textiles and workmanship are all extraordinary.

Flower market India

Flowers are everywhere. Weddings, temples, everyday flowers bring me joy.

mother and child in India

People, families and children are so friendly. Being blond, in the villages everyone wants to touch your hair.


Color, color and more color. Time to finish packing my bags and get to the airport. Come back soon and make sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where my updates will be more timely and you can see all the action. Wish me luck and safe travels!


  1. The pictures are marvellous! I really MUST get to India this year. It’s been calling me since childhood! No wonder you keep returning!

    • alison says:

      Please let me know when you make you plans Ursula. I’d love to let you know about more detail for any places i’ve been to that will overlap.

  2. You’re so right in saying that India can be intimidating to many westerners (guilty as charged). But the colours of the country alone are drawing me there from the fabrics to the spices, to the landscapes. I know I’ll get there one day, so thanks for the straight talk on what kind of a culture shock to expect.

  3. It is so easy to see how India grabs and takes hold. In our experience, the Universe has told us twice we aren’t ready for India. We await her clearance. 😉

    • alison says:

      I have no doubt the stars will align at some point for you both. It’s not an easy trip, but I know how much you like to explore and you would love all of the historical connection to your travel.

  4. Donna Janke says:

    I’ve not been to India, but the country seems to have a special hold on those who have visited. Your photos give a glimpse of the colour of the country. I’m looking forward to reading about your latest trip.

  5. Your pictures of India are so colorful! I especially like the gigantic baskets of flowers.