8 To Dos for My Summer Bucket List

Jun 2013
Summer has surely arrived in New England, the last few days have been oppressively hot. So naturally my mind went to what’s ahead for the next few months. You’ve probably made a bucket list or two over the years, at least in your mind, but have you ever made a seasonal wish list?   I was inspired by Yana over at Nomad Luxuries the other day after she posted a great one on her blog, and I encourage you to do the same.

So of course I headed over to Pinterest-my go to spot to organize ideas, recipes and dreamy trip concepts.

And here we go…
  • I need to find a pickle recipes that will make my palate sing.  After lots of testing, still haven’t come up with one I love as much as Bubbies. {anyone have a good one?} Crunch/sweet/spicy
  • This is the summer I promised myself I’d get my Mom to teach me how to clean a fish-yuck-but I’m going to do it.
  • Rumor has it that we might sell the house and live on a boat for a bit of time.  Have to do lots more investigation for that this summer.
  • After I clean said fish-not sure whose going to catch it-I want to make ceviche.
  • Summer is the perfect time to get my camera out of automatic for good.
  • The beach has a certain magic for me, and I’d love to visit one on another coast line.
  • Pump, Pack and Pamper. It’s time for another road trip with my gal pal.
  • Somewhere, hopefully deeply buries, are photos that prove i’ve been up on a surf board before.  Once I find a wet suit that I look fetching in, I will return to the surf, and give it another try.
  • To see the board in full and join the fun head to My Summer Bucket List

So there you have it.  Thanks Yana.  Get thee to Nantucket + let the summer begin!