5 Reasons to Love My Weekend View-No.7

Dec 2011


  • If it has to get dark so early, at least a beautiful sunset view closes the sky almost every night.
  • My weekend view made me most happy because my beautiful daughter was home safe and sound from her semester abroad.
  • Decorating the tree is always filled with nostalgic views through the branches.
  • I love that our MFA blurs the line between art and craft in so many ways.  This view of David Chihuly’s sculpture is perfect proof. 2400 pieces of crafted glass forming a mind bending work of art.
  • The view at Boston’s Artists for Humanity continues to impress.  Empowering Boston teens and collaborating with mentors to develop entrepreneurial skills is what their program is all about.  The holiday show was a great example of this, with young artists talking to the public about their work and learning the art of the sale.  The recycled paper wreath I bought is a new Christmas favorite .