5 Reasons to Love My Weekend View No.38

Dec 2013
The timing of this weekend past is one of my favorites.  Everyone is getting into the holiday spirt, the tree is decorated and the craziness that sets in hasn’t quite begun yet.  Just an enjoyable time of year. So as you can probably guess, my weekend views were ones to savor…

  • The Eat Boutique Holiday Market offers a chance to meet and view the small batch makers behind artisan brands.  Moved to a new location, the venue this year was down on the waterfront opposite the Design Center.  EH Chocolatiers was one of my favorites.  The melt in your mouth confections I purchased are going to have a tough time getting to their intended recipients.  So tempting…..
  • Public art is something I truly support, but I think the new mural view by Matthew Ritchie on the air intake building misses the mark.  Although I know the previous boy clad in pajamas and hood by Os Gemeos generated a lot of controversy, the bright colors were a welcome relief, especially in the dead of winter.  This one, so monotone in nature will disappear as soon as the snow flies.
  • More delights from Eat Boutique.  Take a note for next year.  Come organized with a list.  The tastes and selections are so good and overwhelming, it’s hard to stay focused on the mission of holiday shopping.  I could have covered everyone here, but got a tad distracted once I started eating oysters and tasting wine. A great opportunity to shop local and handmade. The view and taste of rose petal jam from Sofra was out of this world.  Kudos to Maggie Battista for organizing such a great event!
  • No matter how many times I come past this area of Boston, I never tore of seeing the reflection of Trinity Church in the Hancock Tower.  And each time I try to capture a different reflection in the mirrored building.  It is such a unique view.
  • Winter made itself heard loud and clear this weekend.  I always love the view of the purple Beautyberry in my garden.  The berries on all the trees seem to be more dense this year.
  • A warm fire and Burma, Rivers of Flavor the cookbook by Naomi Duguid, made my Sunday view filled with visions of my upcoming trip to the country. Her book is filled with insight and reads like a travelogue.
How was your view this weekend-filled with a little Ho Ho Ho I hope!