5 Reasons to Love My Weekend View No.37

Oct 2013
Rain or shine, it’s hard to beat these weekend views…

  • Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I love to fly.  I’m the one in the family always happy to have the window seat.  The view of the waves breaking on shore made a beautiful pattern.
  • I think i’ve found my cocktail of choice, courtesy of The Proprietor -perfect for the view of someone who writes Green With Renvy, don’t you think? Watch for my upcoming attempt to re-create it off island.  Hint: there was kale involved and it’s called The Fair Trade.
  • Can the view of these coreopsis on Bartlett Farm be any prettier? I think not.
  • Sculptor Matt Oates has been busy.  This upcycled CD structure cast a light that rivaled the moon, quite a view on our way home. Read more in the link.
  • I’ve never seen so many different types of gourds in one view.  Must be the season…
How was your view this weekend? Did you take any mental photos to keep in your mind’s eye-please let me know in the comments.