5 Reasons to Love My Weekend View No. 31

Feb 2013

You might question why I would love my weekend view just past, but much of what I adore about New England was on display.

  • Many would disagree, but I choose to see the beauty in the view of the blanket of snow that wrapped itself around us this weekend.



  • The view of my bamboo proved it is surely equipped with super powers. Evergreen and strong, it weathered the storm perfectly, moving through the weight of the snow and the howling wind with barely a leaf astray.



  • There is something about exercise in the cold weather that I find so invigorating. Although the shovel tapped muscles in my shoulders and posterior that had not been used since high school gymnastics, if you look at the view of clearing snow as units of exercise, it changes your perspective.



  • Nothing brings out the very best view of neighbors more than a weather emergency.



  • My view across the street of the burlap wrapped bushes was a textural delight.


So tell me-how was your weekend view?