5 Reasons to Love My Weekend View No.40

Sep 2014

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  While we in the States are welcoming fall, our friends over in Australia are rolling in Spring.  So, here’s to the change of seasons.  My Weekend View was filled with family.

labor day weekend
  • What better way to start the weekend than a view of my daughter at Logan airport arriving home from Florence?
  • The view from the Harborside Hyatt might become a new summer favorite.  I think it’s a hidden gem in Boston for watching the sunset and having a cocktail on the water.  The view of the fireworks was pretty spectacular!
  • Lot’s of pink in the view  of my weekend.  These beet burgers were fab in color and a great alternative for vegetarians on what is usually a meat filled weekend of grilling.
  • Doesn’t everyone wear pink on Labor Day.  My son and I enjoyed a view of the Red Sox 2013 World Series trophy.
  • Last lobster of the season, it doesn’t taste right when you eat them in the fall, so this view is one I will wait for 2015 to see again.

Hope your weekend was full of joy and family too!