5 Reasons to Love My Boston Weekend View

Jun 2015

This weekend in Boston started out down on the harbor with a romantic getaway. One of the things I love most about my city is the waterfront, it never disappoints, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. My Boston weekend views were filled with what makes this city such a desirable destination.

Weekend views around the Boston harbor are always spectacular.
  • Have you ever taken a lobster cruise? My dad used to have lobster traps in Nantucket, and I can tell you the life of a lobsterman is not an easy one! Granted they have a wench to pull up the traps, and we would do it with brut strength, but imagine how tough it is in the cold weather. Did you know that a lobster can just “let go” of his arm if it is in peril? This comes in handy when someone is catching a lobster by the claw. Poof, he performs his magic and you’re left holding a claw-he’s long gone dropped back into the sea and starts to re-generate his missing pincher. The view was filled with more information than I ever knew about this tasty crustacean.
  • If you are in the city this summer, you must see the public art on the GreenWay by Janet Echelman. This sculpture soars in the air 600 feet above the gardens gently undulating with the breeze. It’s a mesmerizing view and invites you to linger and observe it’s movements. The piece is made by hand splicing rope and twine into a lacy, constantly changing pattern. Magical by day, I can’t wait to see the illuminated glow it must cast over Boston and the park at night.
  • One of the largest selections of Allium I have ever viewed planted together is currently in bloom in the Fort Point Channel Parks of the Greenway. I counted nine varieties in all shapes, sizes and colors. The savory smell of some of the stalks gone to seed will let you know it’s a member of the onion family.
  •  Ah, I did say it was a romantic getaway, yes? One of the best spots in town to spend a warm summer evening is Aragosta Bar+Bistro at the Battery Wharf Hotel. A lobster bake, fire pits and cocktails-what more could you ask for. After dinner take a stroll for views along the water.
  • If you like to cook, a food tour through the nearby North End will have you ready to put your apron on and get into the kitchen. Italy’s most famous plum tomato, the San Marzano, is grown in the Campania area. Flavorful, firm and tasty, it is now protected by tight regulations. If you care about your ingredients-look for the DOP ( meaning Denominazione d’Origine Protetta) on the label which insures that the tomato is indeed San Marzano, and not a generic imitation.
  • The views of the Boston waterfront have changed so much since I first moved here some 30 odd years ago. I’m so proud of the fact that access to the water has been protected and green space has been given a priority. Boston weekend views are one’s I will never tire of.

Tell me, how was your weekend view and where did you spend it?

My Weekend View was part of a press trip for the Battery Wharf Boston Hotel.

  1. What a handsome couple featured in this enticing article!

    • alison says:

      You crack me up Val! I’ll take being called a handsome couple anyway, even if it is from someone who had seen the changes we’ve gone through over the years. Thanks for stopping by, I hope the sun is coming out in your life.

  2. Alouise says:

    Boston looks like a great city. I’d definitely love to go there one day.