The 411 on Takeout

Oct 2011

 If you’re anything like our family,  you do  a bit of takeout.  Sushi is probably at the top of the list for us.  Did you ever stop to think about all the extra, unnecessary STUFF that comes along with your order?

  • If every American gave up one paper napkin a day, we’d save one billion pounds of trash from going to landfill next year. Give each family member their own color cloth.
  • Manufacturing of Chopsticks cost China about 25 million trees a year.  Treat yourself to a nice permanent pair that you can re-use each time.
  • For heaven’s sake, how many packets of soy sauce does a person need.  Don’t you usually use your own low sodium brand at home anyway?

I was pretty surprised by these numbers.  Tell them to hold the waste the next time you order-it’s definitely food for thought.