10 Repurposed Packing Hacks

Aug 2014

I’ll admit it, I’m a pack rat.  As my husband and I are doing some serious thinking about nesting elsewhere, I am beginning to see just how bad it is.  There is a plus side to all that saving {the word hoarding has been tossed around once or twice}. I am considered an expert in up cycling and re using just about everything that comes through my doors.  I have a field day when I’m  packing! With summer vacations in full swing, here are my 10 repurposed  packing hacks.

repurposed packing hacks
  1. Pencil cases are perfect for make-up brushes. All you makeup lovers out there, it’s the perfect container for assorted sizes and can be tossed in the wash of it gets dirty.
  2. Tic Tac or Altoid Containers can hold those ever elusive bobby pins that keep your hair in place.
  3. All those Single Socks that your dryer spits out make the perfect shoe covers.  I’m talking flats here, they’re not too helpful with the heels on your Louboutins
  4. Shower Caps from hotels make excellent covers for your sneakers or shoes that might get a bit dirty.If they’re larger boot type, pack them in a plastic grocery bag and give it a second life.
  5. Sunglass Cases are great for storing your cords and chargers.
  6. The Mini Button Bags that come with a piece of clothing are terrific for keeping earrings organized in your jewelry pouch.
  7. I store my Used Dryer Sheets in a sealed plastic bag.  They still have plenty of scent and can come in handy in a suitcase. They’ve come in handy on the pillow next to me in a damp, musty hotel room during the rainy season.
  8. As someone who makes an effort to reduce my carbon footprint, it makes me crazy to see the Plastic Wrapping Containers that come with a new set of sheets.  They even have a zipper! Those things are tough and last forever in landfills.  There’s no reason they can’t last forever as a part of your packing instead.  Use them to sort underwear, socks, or protect delicate clothes in the larger ones.
  9. Use old Contact Lens Cases to bring along the small amount of liquid makeup you’ll need for a weekend getaway.
  10. Recycle your Dry-Cleaning Bags.  If you pack garments on hangars in bags they stay wrinkle free.  This is the way I used to pack all my samples when traveling to trade shows.  We never had to iron anything.
  11. Medicine/Aspirin bottles and Straws are good for storing necklaces you don’t want to get tangled.

10 repurposed packing hacks

Would love to hear if you have some additional tips to add to the list.  Leave them in the comments and I’ll add them with a link to your site.


  1. noel says:

    Wow, excellent way to repurpose these for travel focused storing and use, loved it!

  2. anna parker says:

    Great ideas – some very fresh takes in there as well! I’m slowly getting the knack of the roll-on luggage only, but it takes so much longer to pack!

  3. penny sadler says:

    I have been doing the dry cleaner bag, grocery store bag, eye glass case thing for years now. I’m a professional makeup artist too so I was onto pencil cases long ago, but love love love the idea of covering shoes with missing socks and tic tac boxes for bobby pins instead of throwing the helter skelter into my makeup case. Here’s one for you, put your socks inside your shoes to save space.