10 Epic Travel Experiences in Rajasthan

Feb 2016

My head and heart are always spinning when I come back from a trip like the one I just took to India. Trying to process all the information becomes a little easier if I pick out 10 epic travel experiences in Rajasthan to share with you. Reliving the travels through photographs and my journal, I find it hard to whittle it down to 10 (and I have actually included 12~but who’s counting).  but these  are ones I wouldn’t want anyone to miss if you should find yourself in this part of India.

Travel Experiences in Rajasthan

10 epic travel experiences rajasthan

  •  Ride a Camelok i’ll admit it, this was one to cross off my bucket list rather than the fact I wanted to go all Lawrence of Arabia and cross the desert á la Peter O’Toole. It’s a lot like riding a horse except for the on and off part-which is more like a bucking bronco! I’ve done it now and don’t have to do it again, but I did kind of fall head over heals for my camel whisperer and his smile!

Flower market in Jaipur

  • Visit A Flower Market  Flowers are everywhere, especially close to temples and places of worship. Visually, seeing them en mass and being strung into garlands is magic for me. Sure cure for jet lag.

Sunset from Devi Garh

  •  Catch A Sunset-The reflection of the light is always changing in the desert and sunset highlights this in the most beautiful way. Devi Garh just outside of Udaipur is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills. The sunset bounces off the land and everything is aglow.

Sweets in India

  •  Indulge in Indian Sweets-I’m not sure how I’ve traveled to this country six other times and not discovered how fantastic Indian sweets are. Especially since I have a sweet tooth! When this plate was delivered to my table, I wasn’t sure what it was-sweet or savory-or even what course it was. We were eating outside by candle light and while everything was magically aglow in an aura of sparkle, it was pretty dark. All the dishes  that evening had been so tasty, I dug in and wow……you know when the gland in the back of your mouth starts pulsating because you are remembering a taste and starting to salivate….welcome to my world as I type. This was heavenly. A sweet cooked carrot mash, still crunchy, alongside a custardy warm cardamon spiked condensed, creamy sauce. I’m on a mission to find this recipe back in the States and you’ll be the first to know when i do!

Yoga on the rooftop

  • Practice Yoga on a Rooftop- Time for a confession, just in case you didn’t already know-this is not me. It was too hard to get my selfie stick to work from this position. Pretty amazing-right? Many of the hotels offer yoga on the roof or in a room with a view. Get up early if you have the chance and stretch, your body will repay you handsomely for practicing a healthy lifestyle.  {image via FlickrMariko Bhakti Hirasawa}

Mehrangarh Fort Jodphur

  • Visit a Fort-Many of the cities in Rajasthan originated with forts built high on the hill. The majestic Mehrangarh Fort dominates the skyline and dates from 1459. Rudyard Kipling called it “the work of giants” and i’d have to agree. It’s impossible not to be transported back to an earlier day and imagine what life was like in another century when you visit. Jodhpur is the gateway to the Thar Desert.

traditional music

  • Watch Traditional Dance-Dancers wear traditional jewelry from head to toe and their Ghagra Cholis dress have embellished mirrors and incredible embroidery work. The Ghoomar, a traditional folk dance of Rajasthan brings the desert to life and will leave you in a trance.

Palace Udaipurindia palace rooms

    • Visit a Palace-After all, Rajasthan means the ‘Abode of the Rajas‘ and palaces dot the skyline throughout the land. You will have many from which to choose. At times it’s hard to take it all in and comprehend the wealth and lavish lifestyle of this period in history. Above are two rooms in the City Palace in Udaipur, the city of dawn, the city of lakes. The Maharaja and his family still reside in part of the palace. Above are the former makeup room of the queen (left) and the swing(right) the Maharaja would park himself on while awaiting for his bride to appear in all her loveliness.

textiles in rajasthan

  • Textile Hunting- There is no other way to describe the textiles of this region other than extraordinary. Block printing is a high art form here and the craftsmanship of the tribal work is out of this world. Anoki is a world wide brand where you can rest assured the fabric was made in a an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. Ganesh Emporium  in Udaipur and Saurashtra Oriental Arts in Jaipur are two discoveries I made.  Both are working with traditional craftspeople to keep their techniques alive. If you’re a textile lover like me, schedule at least 1/2 day if you visit either of these little pieces of heaven or you’ll leave frustrated. You can thank me later! By supporting these businesses we all work towards making indigenous crafts sustainable in the future.

craftsman at work in Rajasthan

  •  Allow for Spontaneity and Flexibility in your Schedule-Along the same lines as supporting traditional crafts, we weren’t so tied to a schedule that we couldn’t be flexible. Along the side of a dusty road, we found this non descript shack where a man was making beautiful hand-woven carpets. Using only natural dyes, he was happy to demonstrate and tell us about his techniques and the tools that had been passed down from generation to generation. In his village 50 families are involved in the cooperative. We learned that rugs woven from camel hair are good for circulation and walking on the coarse texture helps stimulate blood flow. The encounter was serendipitous and one of my favorite on the trip.

glamping in Rajastahn

  • Go Glamping -This was one of the experiences I was most looking forward to and was not disappointed. I’m a girl scout camper from way back, and my first glamping adventure made me a true believer. Solar heated hot water, delicious food, a desert safari, communing with nature, my bed even had a hot water bottle taking away the evening chill. It was a welcome respite from the hustle+bustle track we had been on from the start of the trip and I wished we had booked another day there to just relax and take it all in.

The Thar Desert forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan. Witnessing the dunes and the beauty of the soft, golden light that slowly turns into shadows at sunset was a very special experience.

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Amazing experiences in rajasthan

Highlights of travel in Rajasthan

Many thanks to Incredible India for hosting and providing some of the experiences during this trip.

  1. What an amazing trip you had! And such gorgeous photos. You make us want to go :-). We’d love to visit the palaces in Rajasthan. And the glamping looks like fun – so long as there’s a loo nearby and they have showers :-).

    • alison says:

      We’ve got you covered Janice. Private bath-hot shower and modern toilet all attached to the tent. To say I was surprised at the luxury is a bit of an understatement!

  2. You make India look very tempting. It is a country I have never been to. I had no idea it had such amazing forts.

    • alison says:

      The forts are off the charts, and as Kipling said-‘the work of giants’- I can’t imagine how they ever built them. I find myself saying that about many historical sites I visit Lyn.

  3. Wally zebco says:

    Why would anyone do yoga on the rooftop? Attention much?

    • alison says:

      The yoga class I took was at sunrise overlooking a gorgeous green farm below. The roof merely provided a lovely flat vantage point for a very zen experience. Nothing too attention getting I’m afraid Wally.

  4. noel says:

    What a wonderful experience, I would love to experience all of those fun things and places in this region. So colorful and historic

  5. Erin says:

    It’s so colourful and bright. I love out of the way places like this. Something so special about them.

    • alison says:

      Erin-India is certainly a feast for the senses and I love it most in these types of out of the way places. The large cities can be a bit overwhelming!

  6. Donna Janke says:

    This trip looks and sound absolutely magical. I love the colours in the flowers and the textiles. The architecture is fascinating. And yoga on a rooftop with that view sounds wonderful (although my body will not manage the pose in the photo!).

  7. Karen Warren says:

    What a wonderfully colourful place! I haven’t been to Rajasthan but I’ve travelled elsewhere in India and been struck by the colours and the buildings. I particularly like the look of that old fort.

  8. Anita says:

    Oh Alison, your descriptions bring back lovely memories of my own Rajasthan visits…from desert glamping to palaces and tribal dancers, it was magical! I enjoyed the food too, but did not have the divine carrot mash you tried. Would love to have the recipe, if you find it!

  9. You’re right – getting on and off a camel can be a rather untidy affair!

    Looks like you had an amazing time in Rajasthan! I’ve only made it to India once before, and never to that area but have heard so much about it and would love to explore one day.

  10. Enjoyed this jaunt through Rajasthan. I vote for flowers and sweets when I visit.

  11. I’m desperate to return to Rajasthan…it’s been far too long since I was there but your photos have bought back wonderful memories of Devigarh , Udaipur, t and Anokhi and Saurashta in Jaipur! The colour, sights and sounds of Rajasthan get under your skin and ensure that India will forever be calling!