The Best Guide for the Smallest Cruise Ships

Apr 2023

There are many excellent choices among the variety of small ship cruise companies offering itineraries today. Best is completely subjective and depends on your travel style, activity level and amenities you are looking for. This post is about the smallest cruise ships I have been on and the highlights of each experience. These unique vessels will open your eyes to some of the opportunities in the world of cruising.

small ship cruising boat in Alaska

Small is relative, it all varies by who you talk to. I’ve been on ships as small as 8 passengers and as large as 600 which for the company, was their version of a small ship cruise. Personally, I think the magic sauce is under 300, the “small”sweet spot. This number maintains what I feel is the true hallmark of small ship cruising: active, immersive, off-the-ship, eco-friendly travel.

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Delicious Vegetarian Food in Spain

Mar 2023

Food is a integral part of Spanish culture, boasting rich flavors, diverse ingredients, and unique cooking methods. Those searching for vegetarian food in Spain will be pleasantly surprised by the delicious variety.

Artichoke heart on bed of vegetables on gold trimmed plate sitting on tiles

It’s no secret that Spanish cuisine is known for its broad use of meat, particularly beef and pork as well as specialty seafood dishes. Traditionally, meat makes up a significant component of Spanish diets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat delicious vegetarian food too!

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29 Romantic Things to do in Miami for Couples

Feb 2023

Looking for romantic things to do in Miami for couples? The Magic City is made for romance and excitement. Whether you’re looking to up your instagram game at the Wynwood Walls, greet alligators and fluffy roseate spoonbills in the wild, vogue on Miami’s 35 miles of beaches or dine on some of the best seafood and Cubano sandwiches in the States, there’s a romantic spot just waiting for you in southern Florida.

buildings and palm trees Miami skyline

Combined with a myriad of fresh, exciting hotels focused on eco-luxury and a level of cultural excitement that draws visitors from around the world, this city checks the boxes for a getaway of fun things to do in Miami for couples. Visit the Gateway to the Americas for a weekend or a full 10-day adventure. You’ll find plenty to keep you busy!

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2023 Nantucket Daffodil Festival Welcomes Spring

Jan 2023

When the sun is shining and blooms are bursting in New England, it’s a sure sign the annual Nantucket Daffodil Festival is not far away. Flower Power lives on as more than 3 million narcissus planted on the Grey Lady come alive in shades of sunshine for this harbinger of spring.

Nantucket Daffodil Festival car decorated with flowers

The 4th weekend in April heralds the season opener for the island in 2023. I can’t think of another place I’d rather be to welcome the end of winter.  Nantucket is found off the coast of Cape Cod, thirty miles out to sea. Rumor has it that Mother Nature is supposed to give New England the gift of beautiful skies in the days ahead, a perfect excuse to get Daffy and put on your yellow dancing shoes!

40 Essential Egypt Travel Tips

Jan 2023

There has never been a better time to plan a trip to Egypt. Having just recently returned with oodles of information, my Egypt Travel Tips will help your planning process. Travel these days has gotten a bit challenging; I hope my suggestions will make your preparation smoother and your international vacation a wonderful holiday.

Pyramids and palm trees at sunset

With an Egyptian stamp clearly inked in my passport, I’m totally convinced the country is a destination everyone should have on their bucket list. I’m already trying to plan another visit with my husband, as I know the historical sites of temples and pyramids will be highlights of a lifetime of travel.

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