Tasting Peru’s Causa My Favorite Dish

Apr 2018

The numbers vary, with a range of three to four thousand, depending on who you talk to. One thing everyone agrees on is the importance of the potato in Peru’s culture. Allow me to introduce you to a favorite dish from my travels-Peru causa, a slice of potato heaven. It’s filling, versatile and full of Peruvian flavor that will always remind my of one of the best travel experiences of my life.

Tasting Peru with causa

New England Staycation Celebrates Spring

Apr 2018

Celebrate Spring with a New England Staycation.

How are you? What’s been happening? Great to see you! These are not the usual greetings I get from my friends. Oh, don’t get me wrong. We are always happy to see each other. But, almost universally, the first words I hear when I walk into a room is: Where are you off to next?  I guess I have a bit of a reputation for traveling.

New England Staycation Boston Middlesex Fells Reserve

The Fabulous Handwoven Indian Ikats

Mar 2018

In the small village of Ponchampally outside of  modern, bustling Hyderabad, India, lives a weaving community working hard to keep the fabulous handwoven Indian ikats alive. Using age old techniques for the natural dying and weaving of these intricate Indian ikats, their struggles to make a sustainable business viable are real. For someone such as myself who spent over 20 years in the fabric design business it was a visual feast and authentic honor to meet this group of artisans.

Fabulous Indian Ikats

14 Awesome Sacred Valley Experiences in Peru

Mar 2018

Machu Picchu will always remain the big event in the Inca Heartland. However, Peru is  such a popular and inviting destination because of the myriad of Sacred Valley experiences you’ll find as you make your way north to the mountain forest and grand Unesco World Heritage Site. The majestic Machu Picchu reigns supreme. Along the way travelers will discover the secrets of an amazing Andean life, rich with cultural heritage.

Peru Sacred Valley experiences Lares

The Inca Heartland is the center of Peru’s ancient history and today remains a charming and vibrant area for tourists. For over two centuries the Incas called this location home, during which time the culture reached its religious and military peak. The high water mark of 1493 found the kingdom stretching for almost three thousand miles.

Holi Festival Celebrating Spring

Mar 2018
Yes folks, spring is eventually coming. Here’s proof. The Holi Festival celebrating spring is taking place right now in India. That’s a sure sign the weather is about to change. At least that’s what I’m choosing to believe. The festival of color marks the end of the winter season and is celebrated with much delight by Hindus across India and the world.