A SkyDive Wind Tunnel Adventure

Aug 2019

Sure Supergirl can fly, but for six minutes I too defied gravity and went aloft on a skydive wind tunnel adventure without wings or a powerpack. And it was awesome! Have you ever dreamed of skydiving but just can’t seem to drum up the nerve to jump out of a plane? There are those of us who love a thrill, but not at 10,000 feet in the sky. If you have always wanted the rush of the wind hitting your face as you are floating on air, but you are terrified that your chute won’t open, I have a place for you!

Alison Abbott solo flight at SkyVenture

SkyVenture New Hampshire offers an experience like no other in a controlled environment just a few feet from the ground. What it lacks in altitude, it makes up for in fun. I found this the perfect adventure for Baby Boomers who have always wanted to skydive, but can’t quite get up the nerve to step out of a plane.

Scenic Maine Hotels Impact Responsible Tourism

Jun 2019

Summer has announced its imminent arrival and as travelers dream of a New England vacation, a scenic Maine hotel group is making an impact on responsible tourism. This season in South Casco, Maine, Migis Lodge will be powered for the first time with solar energy. The century-old vacation destination will offset 95% of its annual electric power with solar power.  Located on Sebago Lake, the lodge and 35 cottages sit on 125 acres of pine tree covered land.

Dock view from the Migis Lodge, South Casco, Maine

Best Outer Banks Restaurants Keep it Local

May 2019

How do you like your local flavor? Does it come in the form of seafood, seasonal vegetables, a local brew or maybe a hand crafted treasure? The best Outer Banks restaurants compete wholeheartedly with the scenic coastline in North Carolina. As an iconic beach destination, the area attracts visitors from around the world. Miles of  barrier islands offer an abundance of opportunity to taste local flavor throughout this TOP vacation spot.

Best restaurants in North Carolina's Outer Banks

This east coast destination represents a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. They offer unsurpassed views of nature, half a dozen state and national parks and shipwreck diving sites for the swashbuckler in all of us. For additional enjoyment, the Outer Banks restaurant scene features a plethora of flavors to taste the bounty from both the sea and local fertile soils.

Ecuador’s Top Ten Experiences in Quito

May 2019

Bright lights twinkle at dusk as the plane dips beneath the clouds on approach. I can just catch a glimpse of the surrounding contoured mountains rising up around the city. I imagine the Winged Virgin of El Pancillo, the tallest in the world, standing guard in so many photos. As we take a shadowy bounce on the runway, I can’t wait to get started exploring the top experiences in Quito.

El Panecillo Quito, Ecuador

Outside of the Galapagos, Ecuador is an often-overlooked jewel of a country. Surrounded by its larger South American neighbors, many visitors don’t look past the popular islands made famous by Charles Darwin.  The county’s small size shouldn’t fool you. This Middle of the Earth gem has loads of appeal and something to offer everyone. When exploring the highlights, I suggest visiting my top ten essential experiences in Quito.

Peru’s Sustainable Machu Picchu Pueblo

Apr 2019

While I’m a firm believer that every day should be Earth Day, it is always exciting when a major environmental achievement coincides with Earth Month. Peru’s sustainable Machu Picchu Pueblo has reached an exciting environmental goal.  The city has been crowned the first in Latin America to become 100 percent sustainable.

Sustainable Machu Picchu