Nantucket Daffodil Festival Welcomes Spring

Feb 2024

When the sun is shining and blooms are bursting in New England, it’s a sure sign the annual Nantucket Daffodil Festival is not far away. Flower Power lives on as more than 3 million narcissus planted on the Grey Lady come alive in shades of sunshine for this harbinger of spring.

Nantucket Daffodil Festival car decorated with flowers

The 4th weekend in April heralds the season opener for the island in 2024. I can’t think of another place I’d rather be to welcome the end of winter.  Nantucket is found off the coast of Cape Cod, thirty miles out to sea. Rumor has it that Mother Nature is supposed to give New England the gift of beautiful skies in the days ahead, a perfect excuse to get Daffy and put on your yellow dancing shoes!

12 Best Beaches in Nantucket and Insider Tips

Feb 2024

The best beaches in Nantucket are found on an strip of nirvana 30 miles off the shores of Cape Cod. This island paradise is one of the most unique destinations in the world. Generations of families have written their summer stories on the Grey Lady, so named for the fog that often mysteriously rolls about the dunes and grey weathered cottages.

aerial view of beaches in Nantucket

Originally founded in the 1600’s as a fishing village and whaling capital, the island today is a three season tourist destination. Along with the magnificent beaches in Nantucket, visitors will find world class restaurants, shopping and museums. With a strong historic foundation, Nantucket has retained much of its original late 18th and early 19th century charm. The town of the same name is designated a National Historic Landmark District, its grey shingled cottages covered with fragrant roses intoxicating even the most jaded traveler.

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The Road to Wine in Myanmar

Feb 2024

The road to wine in Myanmar all started with a smile. Relationships often begin this way, progressing slowly to adventures and new discoveries down the road.

The road to wine in Myanmar

24 hours before the smile appeared, I had been on an extra-long travel road from hell. Three packed economy class flights later, my arrival in Yangon was immediately followed by a full day of touring.

Sadly, my guide was preoccupied with her phone and had little interest in sharing this fascinating country with an exhausted and curious traveler. And, she coughed. Constantly. Spraying all who were within earshot. I hoped it wasn’t an indication of things to come.

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Atlanta’s Porsche Driving Experience – Yes I Did!

Feb 2024

If someone had told me I’d be singing the praises of a Porsche driving experience, I might just have called them crazy. The sexy, masculine brand does not exactly convey the image of a tree hugging eco-friendly vehicle. But that’s just the point: don’t judge a book by its cover.

Porsche driving adventure

Under the sleek hood of the hybrid Panamera is an efficient, high performance vehicle. I somehow found myself behind the wheel on a trip to Atlanta celebrating JetBlue’s inaugural flight of a direct travel route from Boston.

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Historical Nantucket Museums Charm Visitors

Feb 2024

Welcome island lovers to the nautical world of Nantucket museums. Nestled amid the sun-kissed shores of this picturesque paradise, these hidden treasures promise a delightful journey through seafaring times and tall tales. As you take a leisurely break from beachside bliss, the island’s rich history unfolds before curious eyes.

Nantucket Lifesaving and Shipwreck Museum

Discover the captivating stories behind Nantucket’s whaling era at the Whaling Museum. A majestic whale skeleton and maritime artifacts bring the past to life. Stroll through the historic Hadwen House, a Victorian treasure frozen in time, and marvel at the island’s architectural legacy. Feeling artistic? The Artists Association of Nantucket showcases local talents that capture the island’s beauty in vibrant strokes.

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