10 Cartagena Highlights-Colomb...

Feb 2017

Ah Cartagena, you have seduced me with your charm and warm hospitality. Rising from a shady and dangerous past, rebuilding your reputation and shining for all the world to see.  I envy the secrets you learned for embracing your old lines and preserving your historic character, all the while mixing in the new. My Cartagena highlights mix an intoxicating cocktail that tastes at once familiar and oh so different.

Colombia 10 Cartagena Highlights


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Casa Particular Cuba Homestay

Jan 2017

Experiential travel. Is the popular phrase at least partially responsible for the explosion of Airbnb globally? I’d answer a resounding yes. The concept of staying in a home rather than a hotel has helped travelers around the world experience staying local.  The Casa Particular, a Cuba homestay is the equivalent on the island, allowing visitors a true cultural understanding.

Experience a homestay in Cuba


The recent death of Fidel Castro and the presidential election  in the United States has everyone wondering what the next chapter will be for this island less than 90 miles from Miami.

“If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban-American people and the U.S. as a whole, I will terminate the deal”, Trump tweeted in November.

What a difference a year makes, when Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the country in 88 years. I would urge you to travel to Cuba now, while the opportunity exists, before thawed relations move toward the very real climate change taking place on the rest of the globe.

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10 Reasons-Travel to China with Viking Cruises

Jan 2017

The mysteries of The Forbidden City, the Empress Dowager, Imperial Beijing and historic Tiananmen Square are pieces of the Chinese puzzle. Add in a glimpse of the quickly disappearing hutong neighborhoods, ancient back lanes and rickshaw rides. Admire the massive scale of the Terra Cotta Warriors and cruise a portion of the Yangtze river through the scenic Three Gorges and you’ll have a taste of travel to China with Viking Cruises. And I haven’t even mentioned the markets or food.


Visiting China is difficult. The language barrier is very real, cultural etiquette can be challenging, the country is vast and the most populated in the world. Many well traveled friends just shake their heads when talk centers around a trip to The People’s Republic. The conversation quickly changes to more approachable and easier destinations. After my most recent experience there, I now have an answer: “travel to China with Viking Cruises”.

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Responsible Travel-Alaska Small Ship Cruise

Jan 2017

Scattered islands and rugged coastline filled the window as I landed in Sitka. Tall pines and small cottages were surrounded by crashing waves layered in blues as crisp and clear as any Caribbean sea. Discovering Alaska’s Inside Passage would hold many surprises with AdventureSmith Explorations , a small ship cruise expert.

Responsible Travel Alaska's Inside Passage aboard MV Westward

Their award-winning company is well known for responsible travel and sustainable practices. Leaving the compact airport in a late morning mist, the air immediately smelled of the pine so familiar from my trips to northern Canada. It’s a deep, damp musty scent of the forest: clean, fresh and untouched.

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Green with Renvy Travel-The Year in Review

Dec 2016

This year has turned out to be a remarkable one for Green With Renvy travel; I’ve practically circumnavigated the globe. As a travel writer, my goal was to increase my readership, followers and outlets for my writing, while discovering new destinations and experiences.  Success on all four counts, but as always, it is never enough.  “Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.” – Wendell Berry

The flower markets of Jaipur

As a traveler, I try and step out of my comfort zone and havenew experiences on each of my journeys. So where in the world did Alison find herself this year? Let’s take a look back the best of Green With Renvy Travel.

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