Thanksgiving Tradition Around the World

Nov 2016
Many countries celebrate the concept of giving thanks for the harvest. While I always tend to think of the November holiday as a North American event, I wondered about the Thanksgiving tradition around the world.  Not surprisingly, many countries rejoice and give thanks for the food on their table.


The Alaskan Salmon Culture

Nov 2016

Salmon is the real gold rush in The Last Frontier. Alaskan salmon culture is a story of hope. Often represented in carved totem poles, it is a symbol of abundance, renewal, fertility and dependability. Northwest Native Americans have relied on the fish as a food source and spiritual representation for thousands of years. Despite a turbulent history, including near extinction, today, salmon are treated with the utmost respect. Traditionally, one ceremonial fish is caught early in the spring, blessed, eaten and every piece of the remaining carcass returned to the sea in the belief that the spirit will rise again completing the cycle of life. Only then can the official fishing season begin.

Alaskan salmon culture

Catalonia’s Romantic Hotel la Plaça

Nov 2016

Set in a charming medieval village landscape that has inspired artists for decades, Catalonia’s romantic Hotel la Plaça is a beautiful and dreamy place to stay in Madremanya, Spain. This property is a peaceful destination to relax, but close enough to some of Catalonia’s best-known attractions.

Medieval luxury at Madremanya La Placa

Next Stop China Inspiration

Oct 2016

Is your travel preceded by extraordinary amounts of research? My upcoming trip with Viking River Cruises-Imperial Jewels of China didn’t leave a lot of time for independent excursions. Nontheless, I found myself pouring over China inspiration. In the Boston area, their are plenty of Asian collections to help along, and then of course there is the internet. I want to get down every last detail and make sure I am not missing anything, a bit compulsive perhaps. This of course results in a frenzy on each and every trip I take. It makes for late nights and short tempers, but I just can’t help myself.

Next Stop China Beijing to Shanghai


Wellness Travel-The Azores Has it All

Oct 2016

You may have noticed wellness travel hugging the edges of the travel industry. The term is an antidote to  our stressed out lives and the  luxury segment of the market is embracing it with open arms. Want to know a little tip?  When you are looking for a destination for wellness travel the Azores is the whole package. How can you argue with a location that has been certified by nature?

Views from Ponta Delgado São Miguel


I’m letting you in on one of the best travel secrets around. Just four hours from Boston is one of the most magical places I’ve ever  visited. Best of all- I can be in less time then it takes me to fly across the US to California. Flights from the US are somewhat limited and based in New England, as this area is the home base for many immigrants. Certainly Boston is a great spot to find your self at the beginning of your journey.