Sanctuary at Sant Pere del Bosc-Costa Brava

Jul 2016

Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava is well known for its beautiful coastline, and along the water is where most visitors choose to stay. I would however, recommend venturing off the beaten path and staying at least a night ( preferably 2 or 3) in one of the areas most scenic hotels. In a unique environment, up a long dusty road dotted with hikers carrying walking sticks, you will find sanctuary at Sant Pere del Bosc.

Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel and Spa in Lloret de Mar, Spain

The hotel and spa are located in an restored and renovated monastary and your stay here will be a luxurious one. Historically, the property has gone through many transformations. Situated 5 km from the town center of Lloret de Mar, the estate originally belonged to a fisherman’s guild and was tied to the fishing tradition of Costa Brava. Dating back to the 10th century, the property contains a small chapel called Sant Pere Salu. Members of the Benedictine order inhabited the monastery until 1694, when it was set afire by French invaders. The monks were thereafter incorporated into Sant Pere de Galligans and the monastery was closed.

Cook Like a Tico from Costa Rica

Jul 2016

Costa Rica was most probably the first destination to come onto the eco friendly radar. Long known for offering all levels of sustainable tourism, the phrase Pura Vida or pure life weaves a web  throughout the country’s culture and lifestyle. While it might not currently register as a foodie destination, that my friends is quickly changing. I recently had the opportunity to talk food and indigenous ingredients when I was invited to Cook Like a Tico with Costa Rica’s Gastronomic Chef Ambassador for Sustainable and Healthy Plan, Randy Siles. Chef Siles has been busy traversing the globe, surprising guests like myself with innovative recipes that highlight the sustainable food chain in Costa Rica.

Squash and farro salad

Farm to table was a way of life here long before it became a phrase in the popular eco friendly lexicon. Locals in this country make daily trips to the bakery. Farmer’s markets are common shopping destinations to get the freshest ingredients. You are probably acquainted with the rich and aromatic Costa Rican coffee and the brewing vehicle, known as chorreardores. What are the other indigenous ingredients you’ll find in this Central American country? Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find plenty more than rice and beans.

Hiking and Lyme Disease

Jul 2016

This summer the National Parks System will celebrate their grand centennial. Hikers are taking to the trails in record numbers. Many of the parks are at full capacity. With over 18,000 miles of land and water trails, the National Park system offers something for every level. Spending time outdoors contributes to your health and wellness. Studies show that people who spend time in nature are happier, leading to a more sustainable lifestyle. Dr. Weinberg, infectious disease guru, returns to Green With Renvy to report on what you need to know about hiking and Lyme disease.

Hiking and Lyme disease-what you need to know

Living in the northeast as I do, Lyme is a concern to anyone who spends time outside, especially near woods. When my kids were growing up and living for much of the summer on Nantucket, tick checks were a regular part of our daily routine after a day of camp. Luckily we never had to deal with the disease in our family, but I know plenty of people who have. It can be debilitating, and life changing. It’s such a problem on Nantucket that you will be shocked to learn that almost 40% of the island residents have had the disease (NY Times.) The island is working with a MIT biologist to see if genetically engineered mice might be an answer to combatting the disease. As I prepare to visit Acadia National Park and celebrate the centennial with some great Maine experiences, Dr. Weinberg was filled with information on how to prepare myself for hiking and lyme disease in the great outdoors.

New England Summer Food Festivals

Jul 2016

10 Eco Friendly Yoga Retreats

Jun 2016

10 Eco Friendly Yoga Retreats-International

One of the qualities I like best about yoga is the fact that I can take it with me so easily when I travel. Yoga does not require special equipment. I always pack “workout clothes” and only a small space allows me to practice just about anywhere. It’s a great cure for jet lag, and I’ve found that by stretching slowly and mindfully I can nourish and refresh the muscles and organs in my body after a long flight.

Yoga in the beach

As Jacqueline Gifford, special projects editor for Travel+Leisure discussed at the game changing Le Miami conference recently, only 51% of employes use their vacation time. “People need to switch off or they are going to burn out.” Embracing the unplug concept, destinations and hotels are offering yoga retreats around the world. Find your namaste at one of these 10 international eco friendly yoga retreats. Wellness travel represents part of the new definition of luxury.